Do he will be afraid that these hands of these hands are not boundless?

He is afraid that only Gao Baoyi is one person.。 What attitude is Gao Boyi?,Decided that he was in Qi State。On this matter,Solitary message unusual confidence!Not only that,In the future, Gao Biyi said the emperor.,Ourselves,Not necessarily can’t compete for the Prince! Gao Boyi is far from,Solitary correspondence is also far from。 Don’t look at Yu’s […]

Because they have already eaten in the next day.。

“Clamor!Clamor!Clamor!Clamor!Clamor!”The drums of the troops,People who hear drums,Whether it is a school,Still,All is like a puppet that is upstairs.,Organized weapon,Armor,Column,Then in the open space of the big camp,As if the drill has a number of times。 Um,They are indeed drifting countless times,Mechanical memory has been formed,Even your eyes can finish these things! Waiting for the […]

Zheng Yuande。

Zheng Minmin is for Zheng’s,It’s already a rebellious existence,She can not care about the ancestors and family。But Zheng Yuande can’t care! “Brother, think more,I don’t want to find them trouble.,It is already very good.,They have no such thing, they are troublesome.。” Zheng Minmin calm sway。 At this moment,Bamboo pole came in,Leisurely handed a letter to […]

Aurora Entertainment is the company’s company,Large scale,This work,And the work he wants to shoot,This investor’s thing,I have been imperative 。

Mu Zihong will calm down,The pair of deep eyes,There is no one in an instant。 “fine,sit down。” His voice is cold and indifferent,Faint,Broken and indifference。 Li Gui listens to this tone,I know that Mu Zihao is angry.,After all, he is late for nearly half an hour.。 Su Seiming’s face,Voice line is extremely cold:“Li Gui,late,First punishment […]

Three days after Zheng Zhongjian was kicked out of the magic capital。

Third day of December,Written on the almanac:Do not use Qianlong、Great Western,Yi Sacrifice、 Blessing、Fast food、Traveling to visit friends,Bogey、Marry、Make a stove、Digging well、Catching。 Mordu International Airport,A Boeing737Above,Chen Xiu with Han Lingsong、Master He Gang has been registered for more than ten minutes,The plane has not taken off yet。 There were more than ten people sitting on Ye Hongfei’s private […]

obviously,at this point,In fact, it looks like Wang Teng,On the contrary, there are not many problems at all。

And just look at everything in front of me a little bit,Actually Wang Teng’s side,Hawbao Camp,But very angry。 “Humph,You are just teasing us。” “That’s right,It seems that the lessons just now are not enough,Now we still need to continue to teach a little bit。” “Is this still necessary?,Actually now,Ourselves,Should do it。” slowly,With these people,I didn’t […]


Long knife into the sheath,Chaotic red lotus disappeared,Liao Wenjie figured a long knife,Be with‘Have a good time’Words,finally,In the nervousness of the Yellow Spring,Deliver long knife still in her hand。 “The problem of seal has been solved,Follow you in the future,Will no longer appear before。” “……” Yushan Huangquan black face pulls out the knife,Summon the beast […]

kindness,Chu Deirers feel,The teacher should thank yourself.。

“It seems that this is to go anyway.!”Chu Deirers a certain way。 Wu Sangui、Shenlong teaching account,The Chu Deirers have not yet.;Wu Kang,In these years, he also did a lot of things.,But I don’t know how he will finally choose.;Wei Xiaobao,Falling your own in front of the Mu Wangfu,Eight achievements are him;Besides……Third Tianxiang,It is likely to […]

He kissed her lightly on the forehead,Command road:“Go to sleep after drinking water,You just caught a cold,Don’t stay up late!”

Poems are like in the clouds and mist,Rarely nodded obediently。 Looking at the back of Ji Yunfeng leaving,Her cheeks are slightly hot。 She hates herself for being too reserved,Guilty but not guilty,If this is replaced by another woman,Go to the guest room?Not waiting for Ji Yunfeng to start,Just pounce on it yourself? then,She began to […]

Lai Yunzi has done so much for the people of Zulong City,Worried about the survival of the city I grew up for so long,Should also relax,Take a look in the wider world。

Take some exotic countries as persuasive points,Maybe it will succeed。 Nan Ling Shadu said,Want to walk around。 Lai Yunzi must have thoughts in this regard! “It’s winter,Xuehe Country is very special。I passed there once,I saw the countless Xuewu butterfly spirits there,When they are resting quietly,Covering the ground like a large piece of soft snow,When the […]