After drinking a bowl of soup,Surging into emotions that are difficult to calm,Full of hot air。Doctor Zhang is here。Doctor Zhang is panting,Asked:“how about it,Have you finished?Come,Now i give her some drops,It is estimated that it will be much better if you take a rest after hanging up。”

“Thank you。”Ding Kelan said politely,Make room for Dr. Zhang to hang a drip。
First252chapter wonderful
Ding Kelan did not leave Tian Lu this time,But let assistant Zhu Zhu go first,Said that he wanted to handle some official duties in the office。
After Zhu Zhu leaves,Ding Kelan came to Tian Lu,Sitting in a chair not far away。
After Tian Lu’s drips hang halfway,His face is no longer the paleness it was before,I can open my eyes and turn around,My mouth is skinned from lack of moisture。
“Better??”Ding Kelan saw her awake,Asked caringly in the past,He thinks the reason why he cares about her,One is a subordinate,Employees who care about emergencies,Let employees experience humanistic care;Secondly, selfishness,In fact, Ding Kelan just took the opportunity to stay,I want to ask some girls who have intersected with the stars。
“Ok,Thank youakey!”Tian Luqiang sat up。Ding Kelan wanted to walk over and help her,Too intimate is not improper,Return to the original position。
“You don’t care,That’s good,After you finish hanging up,I asked Zhu Zhu to take you home。”Ding Kelan’s voice broke the silence in the reception room,Stereo sound especially at night。
Tian Lu felt a fever in her body,Symptoms that are so hot as to be dizzy again,Feel the hot wind blowing on your face,Have a bad fever,I can’t support myself。
Ding Kelan watched her look better,I feel a bit too familiar to continue speaking,After all, I’m not familiar yet at this stage,I don’t know which question is appropriate,Push the door out。
Ding Kelan hesitated and stopped,Tian Lu guessed his embarrassment,The balance between leaders and subordinates must be grasped,Everyone’s style is different,Maybe not as beforeXtNetwork technology is obviously different。
“and many more!”Tian Lu’s proactive questioning,Let Ding Kelan resurrect,Keep pace。
“thank you!”Tian Lu only said a few short words。
“that’s it?”Ding Kelan asked, tilting his head。