Because they have already eaten in the next day.。

“Clamor!Clamor!Clamor!Clamor!Clamor!”The drums of the troops,People who hear drums,Whether it is a school,Still,All is like a puppet that is upstairs.,Organized weapon,Armor,Column,Then in the open space of the big camp,As if the drill has a number of times。
Um,They are indeed drifting countless times,Mechanical memory has been formed,Even your eyes can finish these things!
Waiting for the goddess sergeant to assemble,I found that Gao Bao is standing on a wooden high platform.,Wear armor,Full armed,People feel very strange。
Because from the normal execution,Gao Bao as a coach,I have no chance to contact the enemy.。If he is handed over with the enemy.,That explained that the battlefield situation has been dangerous to the ultimate。
Not don’t say that the enemy’s shadow has not been seen.,Gao Baoyi Putbon is completely unnecessary,Or make a white point,He is in dressX!
certainly,This is the big head of the gods.,No one will laugh at his body,I don’t dare to do this.。
I saw that Gao Bo Yi took a piece of iron creative.“Iron speaker”,Then, the leader of the team, the army of the team:“Allocate!I know what you are thinking now.!”
Gao Bi is going forward,Circuit in the gap of the queue,And all soldiers are not silent,I don’t look at him.。
“You are gone from the home and forth to fight with Dragonia.!You must worry that you will not surprised。”
“The army will fight,Life is not familiar,Will you lose a loss,Will not defeat!I know your worries.!”
In fact, many people didn’t think so much.,But listening to Gao Baoyi shouting,It’s really that it is,Can’t help but you are in your heart.。
“today,I,As a master of the Shenmei army,Just in your gaze, divination!Pray for God to God to overcome those rebels,Sweeping obstacles for Qi!
future,We also have to be the most exciting ban,Sweep the world,Unified!Come from,Lift something!”
Herble is cheering,Side。Tianzi Li and others carried a huge basket of baskets.,The whole is full of golden fifth,Hook people’s eyes。
“you,you,you,There is also you,Come and see!”
Gao Baoyi is just a few stations standing in the first row.。
He grabbed a copper coincidence from the basket.,Turning around and walked to these soldiers,Tell these people:“Inspect,How these copper money。”
Goddess army pays attention to prohibition,Absolute obey。These people checked a new and even flashing of golden light.,Immediately respect to Gao Baoyi arched hand:“Governor,These are very new and five 钱,Incorporated。”
“very good,Returning to the team,Then repeat the words just now!”
Gao Boyi loudly ordered,Serious expression。
These people returned to the team,Loudly shout:“These copper coins are very new and constant.,Have a special。”
Gao Boyi threw copper money in the basket。
He turned over the iron speaker to say sharply to the whole army.:“Now,I will pray until I,We will win this battle!God will give us strength!Let these copper money all words!
As long as the word is upstairs,We are the darling of God.!No one is invisible.!
Now the whole army will be with me,I prayed until the battle will be returned.!We are justice,King’s teacher,As long as you sincerely,God will definitely bless us!”
A scientist turned into a big god,At this time, the goddess,There is such a sense of view!
Who is the most encouragement who said the God of God?,Don’t mention what you have,I didn’t expect to be fighting.,Actually, it’s a ruthless thing.!
How can those money come up??If you do both sides in advance, you may,But just have already been verified.,Nothing is a new one of the new one,It is not two sides at all.!
However, who makes Gao Biyi are the well-deserved boss of God-winning military.,What is he saying?。
More than 10,000 people are silent,Pray up to day to win。And Gao Bao is standing in that basket.,Pray for。This scene is not half a doctrine,It seems to be a little strange。
Gratify for a while,Gao Bao stands up,Grab the copper money to the sky,Fever“Money”fall,That scene is quite spectacular。The winner of the gods, many of the poor are the poor.,Never see“Money”of,This is an eye.。
Next,Gao Baoyi,Continuously throw the copper money in the basket,Until the end, the empty space is still stopped.。
“General army,Row,Come over again。No copper money on the ground,Don’t pick up your hand,Hypopholy!After reading,I will send someone to stay here.,Do not allow anyone to move it。This is the will of God,Once,An insult!