After waiting for a few minutes,He moved forward slowly and lightly,Just walked a short distance and then stopped again。Wait a few more minutes,Go a little further,Repeat this several times,Already very close to the courtyard wall,But the strange thing is that there is no sound inside。

Could it be a dumb dog?Wu Fang felt strange,Such a close distance,No matter how bad a dog is, it’s impossible to turn a deaf ear,Muffled,Or maybe the big wolf dog he saw with his own eyes in the afternoon has been released to wander around、Not in the yard anymore?
Wu Fang immediately became vigilant,Listen carefully and observe the surrounding movement,But everything is ok。Just to be safe,He made a small half circle around the courtyard wall,After confirming safety again and again,I chose a relatively hidden location to climb up。
The courtyard is also pitch black,No light,Several buildings, like monsters of different sizes, lie quietly there,Besides,There is nothing to attract audiovisual。
Wu Zhang feels strange,Reached out and took out the weapon,Then twist,Stand up。To prevent accidents,He walks as close to the wall as possible,Very quiet around,There is no sound of birds or insects,I can only hear my breathing quietly,This feeling is very strange,Extremely unnatural,As if to another space。
The row of bungalows that are close to the vertical,Wu Fang dare not neglect,Even cold sweat came out。I can’t explain why I suddenly became nervous,I always feel that there will be something bad in it。
Standing in front of the door of the first room,Wu Fang faintly smelled a moldy smell,Mixed with the slight moisture at the crack of the door,Very gloomy feeling。Could it be that this house has not been used for a long time?Not right,During the day, I clearly saw the lame black old man squatting at the door,The door at that time should be hidden,The door gap is too narrow,I didn’t see the situation inside。
The iron door handle is rusty,Wu Fang felt very rough in his hand,What looks like grains of sand is covered with palms。He secretly tried his strength,Feel that the door is locked or being held by something,So slowly opened the pistol insurance,After taking a deep breath,He slammed the wooden door,I can’t help but slam into it。
There was a loud noise,The wooden door shattered like paper,The rotten wood scum mixed with thick dust threw Wu Fang’s face all over。He suddenly used force just now as if he was pushed in the air,The center of gravity of the whole body can’t be taken away, immediately lean forward,Fortunately left,Otherwise it will definitely be thrown into a ground gourd。
Wu Fang was very embarrassed with half bowed,His muzzle pointed forward,Squinting to observe the interior of the cabin,Teng Ran’s hair roots stand up,There was a person sitting quietly less than two meters away in front of him,Very calm in form,Still holding Erlang’s legs!
He took two steps back in shock,Almost uncontrollable pulling the trigger,And the rotten door frame underfoot,Make an obscure crunch,Creepy。That is, Wufang has rich experience,Seeing the wind and waves,If you change to someone else, you will be scared to pee。
The muzzle pointed at the silhouette,After taking another deep breath,Wu Fang quickly calmed down,My eyesight gradually became clear。He suddenly realized that this figure is not a living thing,In addition to careful observation is the judgment of breath,The opposite person has absolutely no vitality。
How can there be a dead person?It seems that this place is not simple。Wu Fang whole body guard,Getting closer,To prevent accidents,He didn’t turn on the flashlight。But it’s less than 20 centimeters away,He suddenly froze,Then his face was uncertain and stretched out his left hand to grasp the figure,Almost fainted after tentacles,This thing turned out to be a human-shaped wood carving!
Wu Fang felt ridiculous and humiliated like never before,I really want to kick up the woodcarving in front of me with a kick,But reason makes him quiet quickly,Look around this narrow hut,Covered with thick dust and cobwebs,The furnishings are extremely simple,A pile of rotten wood,A shabby table,The rest is this lifelike wood carving。
“Relying on your grandma。”Wu Fang cursed fiercely,Do not know why,He is very reluctant to look directly at this extremely realistic、Wood carvings of the same size as real people,And there is an indescribable sense of disgust。But I have to admire such superb carving level,And seriously suspect that such a broken township factory will have such capable people。
wrong,It’s never that simple,The wood carvings are placed facing the door,Seems intentional,Even in the daytime in this gloomy dilapidated house, suddenly seeing such a weird thing will make you feel afraid,Is it just to intimidate?Wu Fang doesn’t think so,But there is a small expectation in my heart,The first house is so,What about the next few rooms?
Quickly checked one side of the cabin,And took a closer look at the wood carving,The thickness of the dust is obviously different,Wu Fang basically judged that the wood carving was placed in the past two days.,The corners of his mouth are slightly raised,Sneered and left the hut。
The yard is as quiet as ever,Wet、The solemn air adds a bit of depression to this small space,Although it feels uncomfortable,But Wu Fang’s heart was filled with excitement before the battle,Dare to pretend to be in front of Lao Tzu,See how to clean up you!