“What can I still say?,Refused,But what have you been busy recently??

I have heard that you have no matter what you have in the village.。”
Su Yiang is also very upset about Li Hui’s things.。
After all, as long as I follow the style.,So whether it is business or partners, there will always have powerful help with allies。
Plus Li Hui Feng Na Medical,Although not using,But once the treatment is given, it is a medication.。
No matter what point,Li Hui Feng is an unlimited potential。
“Didn’t do anything,Just feeling that someone may contact my little ya.,Come over and investigate。”
“Forehead,How about your investigation??”
Su Cool did not expect that Li Hui Feng is still so love to Qin Ya.。
I haven’t been forgotten for so long.。
“no progress,I don’t know how to enter the opponent’s heart.,Never use to let the other person open their hearts to say those secrets.。”
Male woman?”
“female!“Then you tried to pursue it.,Women IQ in Love is zero,Did you forget??”
Li Hui Feng did not expect Su Lianghui to make this idea。
Immediately stunned。
“forget it,Other party is a student,I think I can work with the other party now.,Maybe you can get into the interior of each other,More somewhat。”
“Um,This is also,But the effect is very slow,Only to pursue her,Once all the secrets success are not secret。”
Li Hui said that this is also helpless.。
“These ideas of Su Dado should be known by Tingna.,But you will take the tube for you.。”
“I am fine.,I am defeated as jade,But this time I investigate it.,Wu family deals the most powerful,Do you want to fight back??”
Li Hui said this,Laugh:“How to counterattack?
Once I counterattack, I don’t want to turn it over.。”
“rest assured,Since we are counterattack,So definitely let him have no chance to turn over。”
“I want to invest 50 billion,Building a pharmaceutical factory,Then crush the other party’s pharmaceutical industry,How about it?”
Before Su Yu has this idea,After all, Li took a Korean family.,Han’s pharmaceutical launched two new drugs,Directly let Han’s status in the magic volume is faintly on the first floor。
He didn’t even investigate,I can guess the masterpiece of Li Hui Feng.。
Last, Li Hui, talk about this matter.,Also sent by Li Hui。
This time he feels rare.,Sorry。
“Wu Jia is engaged in pharmaceutical?
Then his pharmacephics will be related to my student?”
Chapter 1437 failed
“This should not be?”
Su Qing also didn’t expect that Li Hui Feng also has this connection.。
After all, what is the relationship with a female student?,How to see the existence of eight rises。
“should be,I seem to have many prescriptions in my student.,And the drug is better。”
Li Hui did not continue to say,But Su Qing has already understood。
“Row,I am looking for someone to investigate.。”
“Um,It is best to be the people on the rivers and lakes.,The average person is probably being cleared,Because I know that special sectors have also investigated,The result was killed several people。”
I listened to Li Hui.,Su Qing is also shocked。