Dreaming of personality is also a secret?

Dreaming of personality is also a secret?

I am now a junior and live with my boyfriend six months ago.

Although I am very beautiful and a good girl in classmates ‘eyes, I do n’t have much choice for love. Among the two boys in the same class, I was optimistic about my current boyfriend, so I gave up being another boy balance of the monitor.

  I choose my current boyfriend because he and I are natives. When I was admitted to the same school as a classmate, I always felt that it was a strange fate. Although he was not handsome and outstanding, I felt that he was sincere and kind and paid more attention to the details of life. This isI like.

A person who values the details of life, he must live very well.

There is nothing allowed to be with such a person, at least, as a boy, he knows how to distress the girl he loves.

  It is terrible that after I declined Heng to reset the relationship with her boyfriend, Heng didn’t seem to matter, but I heard my sister said that sometimes he just looked at my back in a daze and could not hear the teacher answer his question by his name.

I also heard that he asked his boyfriend to drink alcohol once and told his boyfriend directly that he still would not give up chasing me. He had not lost to anyone since childhood, but he couldn’t figure it out.

So, he has to make a final effort to win my heart.

  My boyfriend is a very deliberate person. On Valentine’s Day, he carried out a strong courtship offensive and made me a woman who couldn’t help but be his own.

I have no regrets. I believe that my boyfriend will love me well. I am not a girl who is extravagant in love. He is sincere to me and it is enough.

  However, it’s strange that I go to class every day or after class. I always feel a little bit of resentful eyes staring at me, which makes me a little uncomfortable, and often becomes unconscious.

Incredibly, once the teacher weighed the question, he did n’t wait for him to answer the question or he did n’t know what the teacher asked him, and the teacher did n’t say to let him sit down, so he suddenly called my name, and I actually did n’t hear it.The teacher ‘s question, because I ‘m really thinking about another question about Heng. He is so handsome, and it should be liked by many girls. Why should he chase me?

In that way, Heng and I stood there as if there was some connection between us being dragged by a mysterious force.

  At night, I had a dream, a sexual dream, and the boy in the sexual dream was Heng.

I remember clearly that it was a night of drizzle during the season of sweet-scented osmanthus flowers on the mountain behind our school. I forgot to bring an umbrella. I was forced to a corner by the rain. When I was anxious, Heng appeared and he held the umbrella.His eyes stared at me resentfully.

I suddenly wondered if he would not let me go.

Sure enough, his tall body embraced me, made me struggle for a while, and hugged him tightly.

At that moment, I was so excited that I forgot that the sky was still raining, but there was only two of us between heaven and earth, enjoying the pleasure of loving men and women.

It was a very magical experience, doing something in a dream with another boy who loved himself.

Even though it was a dream, when I woke up, I called his name unconsciously.

Just like that, the boyfriend sleeping beside him heard it.

He quickly turned on the light, staring at me in a confused state with a look of anger.

  I was embarrassed, but had to explain to him that I had a dream just now.

Honestly, I regret it. How can I replace such an inexplicable dream with my boyfriend?

As a result, I was humiliated by my boyfriend for a while. He said that I only had balance in my heart, otherwise how could I even dream of him in a dream, and have a secret relationship with him in a dream!

I’m aggrieved, isn’t it just a dream?

I said that Heng chased me, and my hand was not held by him. Is a dream disturbing?

Why are you guys so careful?

If I had a relationship with Heng, would I sleep in this bed?

Obviously, my words stimulated him, he raised his hand and gave me a slap in the face, roaring angrily, asking me to find a balance and to do what I wanted in my dreams!

  I was humiliated. I never found the person around me. My mind was a bit smaller. A dream made him feel like he was wearing a green hat. If one day, he could not escape the fate of his fate, he would not kill him.Got me?

  That night, I was thinking, does he really love me?

Love so much that even one of my dreams is so important?

My fact is that he loves me, but such a hobby is selfish!

With a selfish person, the consequences will be serious, he will only care about his feelings, and will not care what you think.

I believe that a dream will continue to torture his nerves.

  The next day, when I entered the classroom, I suddenly met Heng, and my heart was panicked.

After being seated, I received a text message on my mobile phone, which is exactly the right balance: Sorry, I can’t tell you, I dreamed of you last night.You always laugh in your dreams. There must be something happy today, but why do you look bad and your eyes look swollen?

I quickly deleted the message, but my hand was shaking.

Does such a dream really imply any mystery, otherwise how could he dream of me?

However, it was said that dreams were reversed. He dreamed that I laughed, indicating that I had cried, otherwise how could my eyes swell?

The frightening thing is that I looked at Heng, and for a few seconds, I was actually seen by my boyfriend.

  In the evening, he began to interrogate me, asking me why I followed Hengmei and why I could n’t let the dream go. Did that dream tell me that it was more pleasant to be with Heng than to be with him.

When I slapped my boyfriend again, I knew that our relationship actually had deep hidden dangers, and finally broke out. The fuse was the sexual dream.

  Yes, I’ve been driven back by my own sexual dreams, and I don’t need to go any further. With a guy who even takes your dreams as evidence of your cheating, do you have the courage to stay with him?

  I decided, I want to leave him, and I was thinking, when can I tell Heng that dream that really makes me extremely happy, an infatuated boy who is still waiting for me?