Coping to take a privilege to prevent and control the striker

Original title: Cut the underworld of the immunity to prevent and control the strict defense line (Reporter Gu Xin) November 2nd, the governor Wang Kai presided over the provincial epidemic prevention and control headquarters meeting, analyzing the current situation, and prevention and control of the epidemic Arrange to deploy, emphasize that it is necessary to prepare, actively do a good job in the prevention and control of normalized epidemic, building a strict defense line, consolidate the results of preventive and control, and effectively protect the health and safety of people and the economic and social stability.

  The conference conveyed the instructions made by the Provincial Party Secretary Building. According to the presentation, the current focus is to prevent the external overflow input of the epidemic. According to the epidemic prevention and control guidelines, it is clear and specific requirements, each city county, the encyclopedia channels, and the key places should follow the implementation. After listening to the provincial health care committee, Zhengzhou, Zhengzhou Customs, Provincial Wentai, etc. Bring a certain impact, to implement the important speech instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping on the prevention and control of epidemic, conscientiously implement the requirements of the State Council’s joint-defense mechanism, in accordance with the provincial party committee, provincial government decision-making, uncomfortable, declaration Epidemic prevention and control of various measures to prevent epidemics from impact on various work in the fourth quarter. Just do the focus of the next stage, Wang Kai emphasizes six-point requirements. First, ensure the efficient operation of the command system, strengthen the streaming investigation and information delivery mechanism, and resolutely eliminate safety hazards. Second, we must strengthen large-scale activity control, implement a full chain, seamless supervision and management in the whole link, and strictly prevent the risk of aggregated epidemic. Third, we must keep the external prevention input, implement the "four mornings" requirements, tighten the "four pockets", and resolutely block the pathway.

Fourth, it is necessary to strengthen the prevention and control of key venues, highlight the prevention and control measures such as tourist scenic spots, shopping malls, supermarkets, campuses, strict scanning, and strengthen the emergency materials reserves and staff, and avoid gathering.

5 must enhance the emergency response ability, speed up the standardization of fixed-point hospitals, improve nucleic acid detection capacity, strengthen information technology support, strengthen professional training drills, and strictly regulate management concentrated isolation points to avoid cross infection.

Sixth to strengthen winter vaccination, carry out patriotic health movements, eliminate risk factors for infectious diseases, do health and health education, enhance the people’s protection awareness and ability, and expand the vaccination range, high-level construction, high-level development barrier.

  Dai Bahua, Gu Xuefei attended the meeting.

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