“That golden light,The one who killed me!”

Fuming’s eyes widened suddenly,Look into the distance,It seems that golden light is the warlord under the seat of the Holy Spirit,Can actually see it here! “Sister,You have to stabilize your emotions!” Bird took two deep breaths,Nod,The whole body’s breath stabilized。 Fuming continue to walk towards the city。 When passing by the king’s house,White silk and […]

Chen Han was very excited to see the brand new home,Mother Chen saw the strange question and asked:“The decoration and bedding of the house are new……Minor repair,Haven’t you lived here?”

“New house sold,I still rent a house next to the shop,It’s closer to work like that。” “You don’t plan to live with us?” “Not over there yet ———— 76 Wang Zilin’s Secret “Kid,Know if you are afraid……” The younger brother who was beaten just now yelled at Chen Xiu,But he didn’t finish his words,Brother Niu […]

This also makes many young people’s seemingly anti-intellectual remarks survive on the Internet,The reason why the audience is still extremely broad。

In addition, the masters who are now fooling people are also advancing with the times,Anything beyond common sense,Put on a high-tech veil,It immediately makes people feel tall and tall。In addition to the flood of self-media,Any cat or dog can use the Internet to express opinions,Especially many of them still have a deep rhyme in the […]

initial,Array derivation finger gun,One move bombardment kill,Even if the three forces are combined in one, it takes seven or eight moves to kill an emperor-level resentful spirit。

And if the five emperors gather together,Even commanding an army of thousands of resentful spirits,Interfere with each other,Li Ming can even kill one with more than 20 tricks,Seventeen or eight moves to kill the second one,Thirteen four moves to kill the third head。 And over time,Li Ming’s fighting style is slowly changing。 initial,Reborn as Li […]

Think of this,Conan rare,Sell:“Wen Jiege,You said that when you leave the villa,Just catch up with the power outage,As far as I know,There is at least 500 meters between each villa here.,How did you run over a few seconds??”

“Be asked,Your small ghost,The brain is so good!” Liao Wenjie raised his hand to pinch the small face of Conan,By the way, screwed 90 degrees,Serious explanation:“People and people’s physique is different,Can’t general,like me,I am extremely angry.,Can run more fast。” Conan:“……” Hurt! …… Episode,Fu Zhezhi slowly opened his eyes,First, knead my stiff neck,Then she holds her […]

Chu Deirers“greedy”,Achieve this recruitment,At this time,It is also a rolling desire.。

The first thing of the Si Ling is beneficial to the Cognac“Dial”,Just fight against“Come”Multi-strike,Not being moved,He and Yutu、Murongbo is also an opportunity to alliance。 However, the Chu Deirers suddenly fell into the Buddha as a truth.,The first thing that is decent…… 智 智 in the reapoleum,by“greedy”Mid,Achievement now,Combine《Luohan Fu Devil》,I am parallel to my heart、Also or“Fidelity”。 […]

Wang Wujin blinked twice and said:“This is easy,I’ll drag someone and ask,I don’t know anything“Wang Wujin’s thinking is too simple。

“Do not,They must see the list of records shipped today,Someone signed,And there are dates,It’s best to have Fengyuan Mining on it”Xia Jian has never seen this stuff,He had to rely on instinct,Think little by little。 Wang Wujin is dumb,It took a long time to say:“This is a bit difficult” “No difficulty can i come to […]

“it is good!”Li Ming nodded,At the same time, the mental power quickly dissipated。

The search effect of mental power is very strong,Even some ancient civilizations that have been discovered,Relying on the current level of human technology, it is impossible to detect。For example, use radar to search,But these ancient civilization relics can completely counter,Absorb the wave,Much more effective than the most advanced stealth coatings。 In addition to seeing with […]

The teenager sweats profusely,Puff sitting on the ground,He worked hard to adjust his breath,Trying to calm myself down,The sound of the sigh just now is very important,If not so,He doubts that he will soon fall into a cycle of self-fear,It’s not as dangerous as last night,But it was enough to make him suffer again,Maybe it will leave a permanent root of the disease。

Efforts to trace the source,Compare the sighs I heard last night and I just heard,The boy was convinced that the sound came from the depths of the hall,The hall has never been hostile to him,But helping him? Repeated aftertaste,The tense and depressed heart of the teenager is relieved a lot,He decided not to look at […]