really,The battlefield is the battlefield,There are no friends,Before he uttered wild words,To protect the heaven and earth,I’ll report it in a while。

“Oh?What do you want to report to heaven and earth??”The host asked in surprise。
“I want to report that they discriminated against me。”Liu Yidao is like a joke,Crying。
“Oh?Where do you start?”Seeing Liu Yidao’s funny look,The host couldn’t help laughing。
Actually sometimes,Competitions like this kind of variety show,Laugh more,Also very interesting。
“I invite them to see me,They just don’t go,Isn’t this discrimination against me??”I didn’t find Liu Yidao was such a funny comparison before。
At the beginning, his sword skills were still very handsome,But a discerning person should see it,He has sword skills,But today he did come to be funny,This can be seen from the eyebrow trimming knife。
“Oh?In this case,Then let’s go to the heaven and earth to ask about the situation,Friendship first,Second in the game,But even if they don’t go,Nothing wrong,So your report is not established。”The host wanted to make the show less boring。
So I plan to extend,Liu Yidao’s dramatic performance,Also add some jokes to the audience。
“Hello from heaven and earth,Just received a report,Some people say you discriminate against opponents,Is there such a thing?”Host asked,Direct the microphone at Qin Feng。
“What this said,What do I call discrimination?,I just ignore it?”Qin Feng finished,The audience in the audience was already laughing non-stop。
And some people booed,call out:“Ignore,Ignore。”The scene is not lively。
“All right,Everyone quiet for a while,The game enters the final30minute,Please also contestants,Hurry up。”Although the host also likes this atmosphere,But if you don’t stop,It won’t take long for a scene of out-of-control again。
Due to time issues,The game mentioned earlier is played in three rounds,Also temporarily changed。