Yang Qian smiled upon hearing this,Then he looked at Yang Fumeng behind him:“Use your best,Grab it!”

Yang Fumeng nodded slightly,Immediately walked towards Fuming。
Fuming clenched his fist slightly,Staring at these guys,Immediately when the palm of the hand touches the ground,A sneer appeared at the corner of his mouth。
Own opportunity,.
Chapter Four Hundred and Twenty Three:Step back each,Ten-day period!
“What a fairy fight,Mortals suffer.”
“How do you say the three are also strong,So freely fighting in the city,It’s not good!”Figures gradually appear in the darkness,The cold-faced man walked out slowly,There is a hint of helplessness and anger in his eyes!
It is the city lord of Nanhai City,Li Huayu!
Yang Qian immediately condensed the spiritual power in his hand,A faint smile hung from the corner of his mouth:“Who am i,It turned out that the lord of the city came here!”
Li Qiao squinted slightly,I was still weird before I came,Didn’t the news of Ye Fuming reach his ears of the City Lord’s Mansion?,Actually one.
Chapter Four Hundred and Twenty Four:Save your life,Mo Wu reappears!
Wrath of the sky rubs the air and makes a harsh tremor,The sharp blade pierced Luan Shaoshui’s abdomen!