It’s impossible。

If Qingzhuo、The two dragons of Black Fang have stung to this level of bloodline,How could Bai be more exaggerated。
After all, reincarnation is changing,It is the leader。
“Zhu Minglang,Zhu Minglang,Your Xiaoye Jiao is fighting with the human lizard。”At this moment,Lu Wenye reminded nervously。
Others have dispatched their own dragons,Deal with the lizard water monster hiding in the surrounding mud pool。
It’s very close to town,Or a fish pond raised by farmers,Maybe in a few days these fatty fish will break into villages and towns after eating,So all must be wiped out,Let them occupy here……
Other dragons are mighty and brave,It’s basically a water monster with more than a dozen lizards。
But for Xiaoye Jiao, who hasn’t transformed the dragon,The lizard demon is a demon spirit that has lived for hundreds of years.,It is obviously difficult to deal with。
It’s a lizard water monster with a 400-year cultivation base,Three to four meters in size,As terrible as an adult crocodile。
Ono Jiao is ready,It’s near the edge of the fish pond,Part of the body is in the water,And keep sliding。
The four-hundred-year-old lizard water monster seemed to see that Xiaoye Jiao was very spiritual,If you eat it, you can increase your cultivation base by one or two hundred years,So sneaked to the side of the road,Want to use Xiaoye Jiao as food。
Zhu Minglang has seen this scene a long time ago。
Xiaoye Jiao didn’t ask for help either,Made it clear to fight this demon spirit。
But Xiaoye Jiao is a little Jiao baby after all,It and Qingzhuo、Black teeth are different,Did not inherit previous combat instincts and combat experience。
This is the first battle since it was born。
It can be seen that while it does not yield,Also a little nervous。
First420chapter Teach by example
The battle has been going on for a while。