“That golden light,The one who killed me!”

Fuming’s eyes widened suddenly,Look into the distance,It seems that golden light is the warlord under the seat of the Holy Spirit,Can actually see it here!
“Sister,You have to stabilize your emotions!”
Bird took two deep breaths,Nod,The whole body’s breath stabilized。
Fuming continue to walk towards the city。
When passing by the king’s house,White silk and satin hung at the door of Wang’s house,It seems that the news of Wang Zhenming’s death has been passed to the Wang family。
“Uncle Morfin?”
Go back to the smithy,Shout,Morfin and Mo Qing came out of the house。
“Where did you go,We are all worried about you!”
Morfin frowned and scolded Fuming,Fuming is only for listening,Although it is scolding,But Fuming feels warm in his heart。
“Alright father,do not talk”
Mo Qing can’t stand it anymore,Hurried to stop Morfin。Morfin glanced at Mo Qing,Shut up immediately,Look at Fuming and say:“Didn’t you eat a day?,daughter,Go cook something!”
Nodded without feeling,Turned and walked into the kitchen。
Chuckle,I feel pretty good like this。
“Patriarch,This is something to deal with today”
The attendant handed the documents in hand to the Wang She,Wang She threw the documents on the table at will,Waved,The attendant bent over and backed out。
Wang She touched the chair sitting down,The face is full of contentment。