China-US Major Achievement Satellite Connection Debate Department: fairness is self-hearted!

People’s Network Beijing May 30 (Reporter Huang Zijuan) This afternoon, the Ministry of National Defense held a routine reporter meeting, director of the Ministry of National Defense News Bureau, National Defense News spokesperson Wu Qian, a reporter. Reporter: I will ask you on behalf of the netizen "Free Snow".

On May 30, it was 8 o’clock in Beijing. Liu Xin, the female anchor of China International TV Station, was invited to the satellite connection debate with the female anchor of a TV station in the United States. And before, they have already started yelling. Does the Ministry of Defense have a concern for this matter? How do you look? Wu Qian: Thanks to the netizen "Free Snow" to give me this question. I personally pay attention to this debate, I also saw some media reports this morning. Talking about comments, I personally want to speak three points: first, there is a problem, don’t hide, still have to talk, to speak; second, speech can not talk, to objectively rationality, to fact; third, The facts cannot be fabricated, fair is self-employed. I also want to ask this reporter friend to help me ask the netizen "free white snow". I can’t answer this. Recommended reading:.