“by,Still lingering!”

To the city,There are more vehicles and pedestrians,Huzi’s speed can’t be raised either,Seeing the car behind is getting closer and closer。
“Turn left ahead!”
Chen Xiu opened the satellite navigation map on the phone and shouted。
“Turn left?Turn left into the one-way street,Retrograde,Not easy to escape!”
“listen to me,Turn left!”
Has reached the intersection,Huzi had to listen to Chen Xiu’s instructions,A flick from the one-way street,There is an oncoming car on the opposite side,Huzi had to drive half of the car on the sidewalk。
139 Luxury car
“I even hugged Li Ying in Beijing when she was young。”
Zhang Xiao said:“Isn’t this girl familiar with you,I never told you about her?”
Chen Xiu heard two news from Zhang Lao’s words.。
the first,Mr. Zhang used to be in Beijing……There is a legend that a piece of glass may fall to death at any time,Mr. Zhang should have held a considerable position in Beijing,Or I won’t retreat,Still so good in Anshan。
second,Li Ying also came straight down from Beijing……It’s no wonder that he became the head of the criminal investigation team at such a young age。
“Who knows her!Nothing good happens every time I meet her,You see!”
Chen Xiu pointed to the shoe print on his chest and said:“just
140 Wang Zilin is missing!
Chen Xiu hasn’t finished speaking yet,Wang Zilin grabbed the phone and said:“Let customers wait twenty minutes,Chen Xiu will go back right away。”
After hanging up,Return the phone to Chen Xiu:“You go back to see the store。”