Ding’an held a special action deployment meeting of 2021 radical arrears in winter

On November 15, Ding’an held a special action deployment meeting of 2021 radical wage in winter.

Chen Xiaoyan, member of the Standing Committee of the County Party Committee and the county government party group, attended the meeting. The relevant person in charge of each member unit participated in the meeting. The meeting conveyed the national scientifically resolved winter special action mobilization to deploy TV conference spirit and the provincial scrap wage winter special action deployment meeting, and interpreted the "Implementation Plan for Special Action in Ding’an County in 2021 Warm Winter", county housing construction Board, Public Security Bureau, Law Enforcement Bureau, and Tire and Social Strong Bureau exchange in how to do a good job in the special action of radical wage.

Chen Xiaoyan pointed out that the harmonious and social harmony of the laborers of migrant workers will be guaranteed, and all units should improve their ideological understanding, fully understand the importance of solving the wages of migrant workers, and earnestly perform their duties. .

Chen Xiaoyan demanded that all units should clear the responsibility of the responsibility. According to the list of work accounts, deal the list, in-depth investigation, improve the rapid disposal ability of the default case to ensure effective prevention of population incidents caused by salary of migrant workers. .

To strengthen communication and coordination, take the initiative to act as a work combination, strengthen positive publicity and education and public opinion guidance, and effectively resolve contradiction disputes in the sprout stage. To strengthen the responsibility awareness, strictly implement the subject responsibility, grasp the root-cured winter attack, "two clearance" target time nodes, based on the actual development of the solution, ensure that the curling work is effective.