After waiting for a few minutes,He moved forward slowly and lightly,Just walked a short distance and then stopped again。Wait a few more minutes,Go a little further,Repeat this several times,Already very close to the courtyard wall,But the strange thing is that there is no sound inside。

Could it be a dumb dog?Wu Fang felt strange,Such a close distance,No matter how bad a dog is, it’s impossible to turn a deaf ear,Muffled,Or maybe the big wolf dog he saw with his own eyes in the afternoon has been released to wander around、Not in the yard anymore? Wu Fang immediately became vigilant,Listen carefully […]

Because they have already eaten in the next day.。

“Clamor!Clamor!Clamor!Clamor!Clamor!”The drums of the troops,People who hear drums,Whether it is a school,Still,All is like a puppet that is upstairs.,Organized weapon,Armor,Column,Then in the open space of the big camp,As if the drill has a number of times。 Um,They are indeed drifting countless times,Mechanical memory has been formed,Even your eyes can finish these things! Waiting for the […]


“It’s so awkward.,I let Liu Zun bring her to Qi.。” Yu Wenxian said if he said。 What to do with Qi,Probably for children in your belly?A Shiza Tuz came to find solo gamro,Excited things that you are pregnant,Also ask her to raise a tire、Problem with children。 Yu Wen Jiali is the prince of Zhou Guo,Send […]

Originally, Qin Feng just thought that there was something in this visualization.,But when his attention is completely fixed on that picture,He seems to have entered another world。

just like,There is a Buddha statue there。And the Buddha statue slowly came back to life。 Then a lot of voices are directly conveyed into his mind。 “Let go even if you are at ease.” Qin Feng can’t understand these languages,The most impression is that this thing should be the sound of Buddha。After all, the Buddha,Originally […]

Chen Wenjin thinks so。

But originally it was impossible to spend a night like this,There should be an end。 At this moment,The sea breeze suddenly changed a little faster。 The figure in the window suddenly raised his hand,Then he raised it out the window。 Followed by,The curtains are drawn quickly。About to close completely,Reveals the sudden light in the room。 […]


Chapter Three Hundred and Ninety Zhang Qingliang’s Spring At the banquet,Two or three leaders of the customs toast with Hu Yang。 At the right time,Populus euphratica“random”Open up:“Director Huang,Chen supervision,Director Fang,I think Brother Zhang and Shaofen are also good,I hope to take care of them in the future。” Finished,Also raise a cup,Clink glasses with a few […]

Mr. Mu himself is in Hongliu City,Is a respected elder,He was the dean of Hongliu Academy,These decades,I don’t know how many children of the family preach and teach karma under his hand,Peaches and plums all over the world,Anyone has to give him a bit of face。

If the Qin family and the Beigong family killed the old man at once,That’s all,No one will offend the two families for a dead old man,But the problem is that the old man is not only dead,And the dragon and tiger popped out fiercely,Then things are big,Now he needs trouble with Beigong family and Qin […]

After drinking a bowl of soup,Surging into emotions that are difficult to calm,Full of hot air。Doctor Zhang is here。Doctor Zhang is panting,Asked:“how about it,Have you finished?Come,Now i give her some drops,It is estimated that it will be much better if you take a rest after hanging up。”

“Thank you。”Ding Kelan said politely,Make room for Dr. Zhang to hang a drip。 ———— First252chapter wonderful Ding Kelan did not leave Tian Lu this time,But let assistant Zhu Zhu go first,Said that he wanted to handle some official duties in the office。 After Zhu Zhu leaves,Ding Kelan came to Tian Lu,Sitting in a chair not […]

but,The strength of him and Monkey King has always been the same,Today’s Monkey King has taken that step,Although it has not officially advanced to Tier 4,But it is not something he can resist, who is still at the top of Tier 3。

therefore,The top priority is to suppress Monkey King first,Otherwise, no one can think of what Sun Wukong would do,Nezha’s heart moved,A dark space channel appeared beside me,This is the spatial channel to the world where Sedum is located。 “Sedum, help,Sun Wukong is going to kill him,Can’t come,Master Sedum, use Goku’s Dragon Ball to revive me。” […]