What are the three taboos in summer sleep

What are the three taboos in summer sleep In summer, the night temperature and humidity are relatively high, and the quality of sleep will be affected. Once you can’t sleep well, it will cause back pain and headache, and you will suddenly have fatigue during the day. Therefore, summer sleep should pay attention to the […]

Cleaning is good for mental health

Cleaning is good for mental health Stressful modern life spawns lazy men. When you walk into the home of a beautiful, single-person office worker, you often see a dump.   The reason for the lazy people is good-although the room is messy, but I live comfortably, although there are many things, I know exactly where they […]

Support: relieve headache massage

Support: relieve headache massage Due to long-term work, or long-term confrontation with the computer, it will inevitably lead to dizziness in the day. Let’s learn about preventive and preventive gymnastics.   In order to prevent chronic headaches, Professor Shiji Jinbang, a professor of neurology at Saitama Medical University in Japan, developed a set of head gymnastics. […]

Learn 20 self-motivation methods

Learn 20 self-motivation methods 1. Leave the comfort zone and constantly seek challenges to inspire yourself. Beware of yourself and do not lie down in the comfort zone. The comfort zone is just a haven, not an easy nest. It’s just a place in your heart to deliberately relax and regain your energy before you […]