China Building China Construction Fourth Bureau "Jingcheng Good Construction" Enterprise Culture Exhibition Hall

The construction area of ??the China Construction Fourth Bureau Culture Exhibition Hall is 610 square meters, and it is concentrated on the four bureaus of China, under the leadership of the party, actively responding to the national call, engaged in national construction, starting from starting, changing to development, grown. The exhibition hall is mainly divided […]

2021 Network China Festival · Qingming

De ernstige clearing is de eerste die de naam is van de gashendel, die een vakantie is geworden van de voorouders en het koude voedselfestival. Douane Tijdens het koude voedselfestival hebben voornamelijk verboden voedsel en worden later de hoofdinhoud van het Ching Ming Festival. Tijdens de Song-dynastie werd het CHING MING-festival geleidelijk de status van […]

1st viewpoint |

  On the morning of the 21st, General Secretary Xi Jinping came to the Yangmiao Community in Dongying, Shandong Province.   The community is to improve the new community built in the production and living conditions of the Huangheyuan accommodation in the Huanghe, covering 11 households along the Yellow River Dam.   Xi Jinping said to the community, […]

The front door builds Beijing-Tianfang Culture Experience Consumption Consumption

  In the past few days, the first meeting of the 17th People’s Congress of Dongcheng District is underway. Yesterday, Dongcheng District held a press conference of "Building a Cultural Development Highland, Continuous Enhanced Cultural Influence". Create a "ten minutes of cultural service circle", implement Yongding door protection display project, to create the "cultural gold triangle" […]

Science and technology empowerment, Culture help: Beafa "stationery" 2021 new retail wealth forum held

On November 10, 2021, "Stationery" 2021 New Retail Fortune Forum and invited partner conference was held in Befega Group. As the industry connector, this Baya Group is invited to nearly 100 industrial ecological partners to present, based on professional position, cooperative industrial force, and user value, based on professional position. Industry Efficacy, encompasses the user […]

US media: Trump agrees that the FBI investigation Cavano nomination can be re-determined

  The US media said that President Trump changed attitude. On the 28th, the Democratic Party agreed to let the federal investigation of the Supreme Court’s nomination of Kavano launched in-depth investigation. Previously, the Republican Senator Flek refused to vote before approved in-depth investigation, and the situation suddenly reversed, which allowed Kavano’s nomination to get an […]