Communicatie Party History Learning Education Topic Research Results

  Op de ochtend van 29 juni, Feng Fei, partij secretaris en gouverneur van de provinciale overheid, voorzitterschap van de SHENGSHI-overheidsfeestentheorie Learning Center Group Learning Conference, Exchange Party History Study Educational Educational Education Subject Relatives, het inzetten van diepgaande promotie van provinciale overheidsfeestgroep om feestgeschiedenis uit te voeren. Volgens het implementatieplan "Provincial Governy Party Group Learning […]

Avita 11 high-end pure electric SUV battery super 700km

Avita opens a new industry cooperation model conference site, Zhu Huarong, Chairman of Changan Auto, Huawei, a manpower, consumer BGCEO, Smart Automobile Solution Buceo Yu Chengdong, Zeng Yun, a video speech, and jointly expressed the future of Awutta Strengthening confidence in development.   Zhu Huarong said: Changan will accumulate a hundred years of technical capabilities, along […]

Datong University holds party history learning education topic reading class

It is understood that this event aims to further unify thinking, strengthening institutional awareness, maintenance system authority, doing institutional implementation, driving the staff of teachers and students to consciously respect the system, strictly implementing the system, resolutely maintaining the system, and unswerving learning and implementing the party The spirit of the central government, promoting comprehensive […]

Beijing Winter Paralympics "The Fire of Civilization" wordt verzameld in de stad Huangdi, de provincie Hebei

Xinhua News Agency, Shijiazhuang, 2 maart (Reporter Cao Guo Factory, Zhu Xudong) Op 2 maart werd de Fire Collection Ceremony van Zhangjiakou Division in Beijing Winter Paralympics gehouden in Gele Emperor City, de provincie Hebei. Op 2 maart toonde de Torchbearer Li Weiguo (links) de brandtoorts op de ceremonie. Xinhua News Agency, Cao Guo Factory, […]

Baotou City: Two-Level Court opgezet 108 rechterwerkstations

  Aan het begin van dit jaar implementeerde de BAOTOU-intermediaire mensen de rechtbank de constructie van rechterwerkstations. Op dit moment heeft het hof van twee verdiepingen 108 rechterwerkstations opgericht in de belangrijkste gemeenschappen, landelijke en sumu in 10 vlaggentekeningen, en bereikte "townships" Binnen Baotou City., Suhu + Sub-District Office + Park "Judge Workstation is volledig gedekt […]

People’s Daily Talk today: Optimize the environment

  While subtocation, dismantling, pipeline network, regular building exterior wall air conditioning operation; do addition, improve the community lighting system, increase security facilities, and add healthy station. Zhengzhou is in promoting the renovation of the old community, focusing on the people’s expectations, doing a "addition and subtraction", which achieves the organic update of the city, and […]

Shanxi real estate registration will "one network"

  Original title: The real estate registration of our province "A NIC" August 2 reporter learned from the Provincial Natural Resources Department that the Office and the Provincial Silver Insurance Regulatory Bureau and the Provincial Local Financial Supervision Bureau jointly introduced "Collaborative" Internet +Real estate registration ‘Notice for the opinions of the enterprise masses "The "Notice", […]

People’s Net Assessment: Correctly understand and grasp the new situation facing "One Belt All the way"

  Building a "One Belt All Road" to create a better life. On November 19, General Secretary Xi Jinping attended the third "all way" construction symposium and issued an important speech to emphasize, complete, accurate, and fully implement new development concepts, with high standards, sustainable, benefit-owned students, consolidate the interconnection The social cooperation foundation, expands new […]