De vijfde supervisiegroep van het Centraal Comité voedt zich terug naar de provincie Jilin, de tweede batch van politieke en juridische teamonderwijs Toezicht

Originele titel: de vijfde supervisiegroep van het Centraal Comité voedt zich tot de tweede batch van politieke en juridische teameducatie Toezicht en inzet in overeenstemming met de centrale Unified Implementment, 14 november, de nationale politieke en juridische teamonderwijs Central Fifth Tubevision Team Feedback aan de tweede partij van politieke en juridische teams onderwijs en rectificatie-toezicht. […]

De twee sessies "Cloud" Press Conference | National People’s Congress Representative Zhu Huarong: bevordering van de oprichting van de oprichting van het Centrum Automotive en Innovation om de West (Chongqing) Science City te helpen

HUALONG-netwerk – Nieuwe Chongqing Client 6 maart, 19e (Reporter Zhao Zidong Li Huaqiao) Hoe moet ik bouwen in Western (Chongqing) Science City? Op het 13e National People’s Congress, het 13e National People’s Congress, het 13e National People’s Congress, het 13e National People’s Congress, "versnellen de bouw van de Western (Chongqing) Science City Construction", National People’s […]

Agricultural Bank of China, "anti-fraud"

People’s Network Changsha on December 2nd Fraud crimes and hit cross-border illegal crimes have achieved outstanding units, and an employee is an outstanding individual. It is understood that this special action in August to October this year aims to implement the spirit of combating the new illegal crimes of the governance of telecommunications networks, adhere […]

People’s Online "Red Cloud Show Hall"

  "Red Cloud Show Hall" is a new form of learning party history, the new form of content technology, the new application of intelligence party construction. The People’s Network gives full play to the communication capabilities and planning linkage, and actively promotes the deep integration of content technology and party building students, providing content digital services […]

The third phase of the "Xi Jinping Rule of Law"

>>>>>> Working Treasure Treasury "Xi Jinping Rule of Law Thoughts Expert Talk" The third issue Time: 2021-11-1810: 10 Thursday Source: Xi Jinping’s Rule of Laws officially put forward the first anniversary, a wonderful A striking authority interview! Today, Xiaoli Xiaobao Soked the third stop, invited a member of the Department of Sciences of the Chinese […]

The highest daily production of coal has achieved new results in recent years in recent years.

  This newspaper Beijing November 9 (Reporter Lu Yan) reporter learned from the National Development and Reform Commission: Since October, all regions, relevant departments and coal enterprises have vigorously promote coal guarantees, national coal production and market supply continue to increase The highest daily output of coal has reached 11.93 million tons. In recent years, the […]

Tianlin: "Green Bookmark" into the community "sweeping the yellow and fights"

In order to continuously promote the "Sweeping Yellows and Make Instruments" series of publicity activities, October 14th, Tanlin County "sweeping the yellow and hit" work group office jointly in the new era Civilization Practice Center, in-depth development of publicity activities, publicity "protection Children’s healthy growth, resist harmful publications and information, guide the masses to consciously […]