The right wrist of the Jianshuo white man was held by Chen Xiu,I can’t move half of my body,After all, Chen Xiu can remove his right wrist at any time.,He finished his sentence in internationally accepted English,I just kicked under Chen Xiu with my left foot。

“Lying!” Chen Xiu is angry,No more mercy now,Kick him in the stomach first,At the same time, the force of the left hand directly dislocated his right wrist,The pain is so strong that the white man is holding his wrist,It’s curled up on the ground into an unstoppable howl,Tears came out of my eyes,Crying like a […]

Do he will be afraid that these hands of these hands are not boundless?

He is afraid that only Gao Baoyi is one person.。 What attitude is Gao Boyi?,Decided that he was in Qi State。On this matter,Solitary message unusual confidence!Not only that,In the future, Gao Biyi said the emperor.,Ourselves,Not necessarily can’t compete for the Prince! Gao Boyi is far from,Solitary correspondence is also far from。 Don’t look at Yu’s […]

“later,We are even attacked by the terrifying Chaos and Alien Lord of All Things,Heavy casualties。”

“Fortunately, Nuwa broke through,Directly killed the Lord of All Things,Forced the ancestor of the heart。However, the strength of the Demon of the Wind Ancestor at that time has also undergone transformation and breakthrough,Run away with a group of powerful men in the chaos world,Actually escaped in the hands of Nuwa Empress。” “later,Nuwa ladies leave,Return to […]

This reminder is very important to Chen Geng,Just like what Ji Shengcheng said,Now Fernandez has indeed reached the time to hire an accounting firm to help it avoid taxes reasonably.,He nodded to Ji Shengcheng:“Brother Ji,Thanks。”

“you are welcome。” Watching Chen Geng get into the car,Ji Shengcheng turned around and rushed all the way into Sol’s office:“Boss!Boss!We have big business!” …………………… Bob’s enthusiasm for driving a car tuning company,Scared Chen Geng:the next day,He sent a detailed plan to Chen Geng’s desk。 This plan not only clearly lists the technical strength needed […]

The more responsibilities he takes,So he has to take into account the life conditions of many people,Estimate whether those people are really hurt,So this is his shackles for so many years,It’s what he had to do for so many years。

For Xiao Fan,As long as Lin Yuna wants to, they can continue to do these things,If you don’t want him, you can put down everything in your hands now,Fly away with Lin Yoona or live the most ordinary life。 But he also knows,With his wife’s character,I will definitely not let Xiao Fan put down all […]

however,The craftsmanship they left behind,Even today,Still talked about。The handicrafts they created,Shocked the cultural relic world many times、Collection。

“Or Brother Hu understands things,The one in front,I have been to see,The environment inside is ok。” After parking the car,Hu Yang took out his ID card,Still booked three rooms。They put down their luggage,Everyone is going to eat。 According to the introduction,Bless them to live in a rental house a few hundred meters nearby。Both of them […]


Chapter one hundred and sixteen In the same line at last,At Kasuga Hakoko tried to the sixth time,When the mental power in the body is almost empty,Finally successfully completed the first magic in life。 Although only the attributes of a level 20 equipment,Successfully raised one attack point,But it turned the entire Hainuo laboratory hall into […]

Zhang Qingliang blinked,Reconsider the jar of wine,After pondering what Brother Hu said just now。This jar of wine,I think Brother Hu strongly recommended him to buy it,It might really be like what Huazi said。

He couldn’t help but look up at Hu Yang,Cast an inquiring look。 Hu Yang nodded slightly at him,No explanation。 Zhang Qingliang gritted his teeth:“Ok!Let’s be extravagant。” “That’s right!Make so much money,I have to treat myself,Is this the reason?”Old man smiled。 The audience in the live broadcast room vomited:trust you?You bad old man is bad! vertex […]