2021 Taizhou "our holiday · Chongyang" theme event held in Taixinghong Bridge

The event site. Taixing Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, October 14, 2021 Taizhou City "Our Festival · Chongyang" theme event held in Hongqiao Town, Taixing City, organized by Taizhou Municipal Party Committee, hosted by Taizhou Civilization Office, Taixing Municipal Propaganda Department, Taixing City Civilization Office and Hongqiao Town and other joint commitments. This event kicked […]

De hele mensen lezen het boek Xianghuai-Huai’an-Zhou Enlai, de Verenigde Staten, de eerste klasse leesactiviteiten van "de opkomst van China" (foto’s) – Zhonghong Net

Op 3 november, om volledig te spelen aan de propaganda en het onderwijs-rol van de patriottische onderwijsbasis, bevorder, promoot, promoten Zhou Enlalu, promoten de lezing van de hele mensen, bouw een boek, Huai’an, motiveer studenten van een kleine Vestiging van "Chinese stijging en lezen" ver, lezen en lezen, goed denken, verantwoordelijkheid, betaalbaar, Zhou Enla RaL […]

Complete investment of 856 million yuan! Rizhao Lushan Ruangang Railway Engineering Construction is fully advanced

According to Pan Qiang, Minister of Engineering Department of Yoshan Railway Co., Ltd., under the strong support of transportation, electricity and other departments, units and township governments along the townships and towns, the project parties and all participating units pay close attention to quality and safety. During the period, the wall chart operation, as of […]

Tie Tie Tai Luge Accident Factory Report Report

  Xinhua News Agency, Taipei, August 23 (Reporter Jiang Tingting, Chen Jianxing) Taiwan Administration Transportation Safety Survey Committee announced the factual data report of the Taiwanese Tai Ru Pavilion major accident on the 23rd, and the train issued to the accident will be described in detail. . The agency is expected to complete the draft incident […]

Professor of China Renmin University

  [Bright recovery] Professor of Renmin University of China, the doctoral tutor is cold into gold, died in Beijing on March 9, 2021 due to the disease treatment. Cold into gold, March 9, 1962, Lanling County, Linyi City, Shandong Province. In 1991, he was working in the Master of Chinese Department of Renmin University. In 2003, […]

The network is "killing pig", cracking the scam needs strong audit

Recommended reading to adhere to the company-centric policy direction and service concept, establish a native and innocent new government and business relationship, then the government department can find the effective path to the system, and optimize the relationship of the government and to promote the business environment and promote Providing conditions for high quality development […]

The Autonomous Region CPPCC conducts the establishment of China-ASEAN information harbor construction

  On August 27th, the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region CPPCC held a conclusion of the conclusion, "promoting China-ASEAN information harbor construction, and cooperates to build a ‘digital Silk Road’" specialization to negotiate. As the second anniversary of the Second Economic Association of the Autonomous Region 2021, from 4 to June this year, the Autonomous Region Political […]

River Yin private enterprise full lifecycle policy service benefits and nearly 2.40,000 market mains

  Xinhua Net Nanjing December 14th (Reporter Sun Wei) "Now handling business, there is no paper, traveling on the process, very convenient and fast." Recently, in the "full link" platform "full link" platform in the Jiangsu Provincial Government Service Network At the time of commercial registration, Yuan Jing, the company, Yuan Jing, was found to enter […]