On earth today,He is also recognized as the top three masters,Even if it didn’t break through the God of War,Still ranked‘Huashan’Jia Yi,‘Ice Emperor’Mohandsen et al.。

title‘Sword fairy’。 sword,Is a murder weapon! The name of the sword fairy,Was killed! “Didi~” ‘Sword fairy’Digs in the clothes,Take out a mobile phone to open the call。 A few minutes later。 “understood,The ruins of ancient civilizations in the Americas invite me to help develop them, right?。。Ok,I agreed,Remember to let the negotiator get more benefits!” Remember […]

I saw that the sword man used the sword technique of the Sword Sect of Yaoshan,Hao Xingsheng was convinced by most!

I wish Minglang must be inside。 It’s normal to have a guard by his side,Anyhow, Zhumen’s only son,How could there not be a group of guards to protect。 For this reason, King An and Zhao Yinge dispatched the powerful dead servants in the palace.,Among them are no shortage of masters,There are countless master-level powerhouses,Naturally, we […]

He kissed her lightly on the forehead,Command road:“Go to sleep after drinking water,You just caught a cold,Don’t stay up late!”

Poems are like in the clouds and mist,Rarely nodded obediently。 Looking at the back of Ji Yunfeng leaving,Her cheeks are slightly hot。 She hates herself for being too reserved,Guilty but not guilty,If this is replaced by another woman,Go to the guest room?Not waiting for Ji Yunfeng to start,Just pounce on it yourself? then,She began to […]

“What level is he?”Qin Feng asked。

“He does not take any qualification exams,Just a grassroots chef,But it is said that his cooking skills,People who have eaten will never forget,I thought about it this time。”Xiao Wu is also a little helpless,Unexpectedly, the opponents of the game are so strong。 “It seems,You didn’t work hard,Know a lot。”Qin Feng smiled and patted Xiao Wu […]

“Where are you going?”

Huo Yunhe’s unhappy face,I called a little girl to have dinner with,She’s fine,To leave him out,The tone is still full of impatient。 Made him feel bad,“Time for lunch,Where are you going?” Willow takes a look at the clock,It is indeed lunch time,I originally planned to coax the arrogant young master while eating,Who knew that Lu […]

Tony:Haha,What did i see when i went online,Senior Prophet actually wants an exam,awesome。

Just when Shen Ziyao felt that life was meaningless,A word from Tony,Completely ignited her inner anger。 Shen Ziyao:@Tony,Do you think I am happy for the college entrance examination?,Believe it or not, I curse you to be kidnapped by terrorists again。 Tony:what,Senior Prophet, how dare I,It’s just a little unexpected。 But that’s what it says,But Tony […]

The other people don’t know what the relationship between their husband and wife was like before.,He didn’t know that he didn’t want to reveal too much,So that’s it。

at this time。The two of them walked to the gardening classroom together,Learned a new craft from the teacher。 In Xiao Fan’s office。 He is having a video conference with someone,The person opposite the video is the director of the local village branch。 He is learning about the local situation with the village branch director,Want to […]

She has been investigating who poisoned you,Such a good granddaughter,Do you really bear the heart to keep him worried??Besides, even if I tell everyone you are all right,Just need to rest,Clean up the remaining poison slowly。

But everyone is still very worried about you,Do you have the heart to let a group of people who care about you continue to worry so much?,Everyone treats you very well,Always treat you as your elder as your grandfather。 So now you should open your heart to tell us anything,Let us help you solve it,Or […]