Chen Xiu directly exploded,Hung up angrily。

“Ding……Ding……” Just hung up,The phone rang,Chen Xiu directly connected to Fury Road:“Pu your mother,I want Lao Tzu to surrender you,Daydreaming……” “Chen Xiu,it’s me!” Osheng’s voice came from the phone。 Chen Xiu is embarrassed,Sorry to say:“Osheng,I’m not scolding you!” “I know。” Ou Sheng said with a smile:“Mr. Ye has sent a private jet to pick you […]

“it is good!I listen to you”Nalandeping said,I closed my eyes。Old man down this way,A little tired,Really embarrassed him。

Xia Jian drove up the hill。Stone path,Fortunately, Xia Jian has good car skills,The car bumped but still rushed to the top of the mountain。 Look east,There really is an unfinished building。It looks like it’s covered three layers,Basically forming one layer and two layers,Only the third floor is exposed。 Xia Jian didn’t even think about it,Drove […]

Luo Yi’s crisp laughter came from the phone,She said with a smile:“I have been waiting for your call,But you have to think clearly,Don’t do anything foolish anymore”

Luo’s confusion,Xia Jian knew,He smiled embarrassedly and said:“I figured it out,You prepare” “What to prepare,I can’t go with you,Do you want to bring my family property?”Luo Yi said,Made a joke。 Xia Jian followed with a smile and said:“You have to prepare some winter clothes,Our hometown is cold”The two chatted sweetly for a while before they […]

“Listen to the truth or lie?”

“Ok,Listen to the lie first。”Xiao Xiao is happy to accompany him。 “The lie is that I am naturally kind and enthusiasm, especially for old people,Helping the elderly to cross the road and helping them with waste products is just commonplace,Used to it,Not worth mentioning at all,Just call my little fan!” Chen Wen just finished talking […]

Chapter One Hundred and Fifteen Emergency situations

When Han Yuxiang sent Xiang Chen to Fenglin Night Inn,Xiang Chen has fallen asleep deep in the car,Let Korean Xiang push and push,Xiang Chen is indifferent。If it weren’t for the sound from beginning to end,Xiang Chen’s snoring is at the same frequency,Han Yuxiang will definitely not bear his temper,Enduring the eyes of passersby will carry […]

The restaurant staff and diners are all huddled in a safe corner,Only Mo Mo and the three daring women of art are watching the show。

There are no passersby except for Yuguo Group downstairs,So not many people can see the same scenes as in kung fu movies。 The constant wind in my ears is brought up,From time to time, cold light flashes on Xiang Chen’s expressionless face。 Light and shadow,But Xiang Chen can always before the sword and shadow fall […]

“Kill!”Chen Jiannan’s wildness is here,Sink your shoulders,Abrupt burst speed,To the basket。

Rush together,As long as Lu Menglin shrinks,He can force a layup。 Seeing the other person’s eyes changed,He Jin was cold under the basket,Can’t help but shout:“Do not impulse!” “be careful!”Geng Tao also saw that his posture was wrong,Shouted at Lu Menglin。 Lu Menglin can’t avoid it,Lower the center of gravity,At the moment when the opponent’s […]

“Guilt?How can I feel guilty for a woman?Could it be that I failed her before?,Still not responsible for what she did?”

Qin Feng couldn’t help thinking,“No way,Is it possible that the old Lao Tzu was such an irresponsible scumbag??” Qin Feng silently criticized himself before his memory was confused,Then I also made a smile,She stretched out her hand and held Yang Xiaoying’s hand and said,“Hello there,My name is Qin Feng,Nice to meet you。” Then she let […]

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