Chen Xiu nodded and said:“With the blood and sweat of your ancestors,This one million is really not much……but,I want to look at the condition of this bottle first!”

“okay!”The fat boss shouted:“Come to accept,Give the bottle to this gentleman!” A buddy quickly moved the bottle to the middle of Baxiantai,The other guy sneakily dimmed the lights,This is also a means of selling fake antiques。 This kind of experience is written in Zhang Lao’s notebook,In the 1990s, when antiques weren’t sold as such,Those who […]

Three days after Zheng Zhongjian was kicked out of the magic capital。

Third day of December,Written on the almanac:Do not use Qianlong、Great Western,Yi Sacrifice、 Blessing、Fast food、Traveling to visit friends,Bogey、Marry、Make a stove、Digging well、Catching。 Mordu International Airport,A Boeing737Above,Chen Xiu with Han Lingsong、Master He Gang has been registered for more than ten minutes,The plane has not taken off yet。 There were more than ten people sitting on Ye Hongfei’s private […]

“Mr. Fernandez,”It’s like meeting an acquaintance chatting casually,Jack·Welch asked Chen Geng:“I read in the newspaper,Fernandez has made it clear that it will not lay off large-scale employees,And you also publicly promised toAMCCars continue to invest heavily,Upgrade and improve production facilities and management methods,is that true?”

“it is true。”Chen Geng nodded。 These are all reported in the newspapers these two days,Chen Geng is not surprised Jack·Welch would ask such a question。 “ToAMCCurrent situation,There should be a lot of money?” “Conservative estimate,Not less than in the next year5000Ten thousand U.S. dollars。”Chen Geng nodded again。 “……” Jack’s turn this time·Welch is speechless:Just spent […]

“I told you that before, right??You don’t believe it。”Chen Geng said with a smile,Rosemary agrees with her views and opinions,Of course Chen Geng is very happy。

“Yes,My fault,”Rosemary generously admitted her mistakes and prejudices against China,But she also reminded Chen Geng:“but……boss,Wolfsburg is not easy to deal with,crucial moment,Maybe the German government will come forward,You better be prepared。” “of course。”Chen Geng nodded。 He certainly knows that the German government is very likely to take action when necessary,It is not so much that […]

I saw the rogue lawyer cough slightly,Half step forward,Abruptly leaned in front of Lu Menglin,Lower your voice:“Little brother,You are really Liu Zhu’s friend?Shall we take a step to speak?”

His tone suddenly softened,And the attitude,Obviously, I was thinking again。 Lu Menglin glanced at him with a smile,Lightly:“Just talk about it here!I don’t have so much time to be with me。” The rogue lawyer’s eyes rolled,There was a pleasing smile on his face,Nodding and bowing:“Liu Zhu asked you to bring this money, right??I’m Liu Feiran’s […]

He shouldn’t have been so proactive,But because of the pressure,To force myself to maintain my confidence,Once timid,Can’t show strength,It will be worse。

Chen Wenjin found that these people still have a sense of honor in battle,Can’t help but smile:“You are kidnappers。Don’t say these four,No chance to dig a weapon;That’s quite interesting,Obviously there is a chance to find weapons,And hit me with bare hands;You’re even more funny,I took out the knives,No need,Still fist。” “I used to punch,Can make […]

Wait for the smoke to pass,Two dark shadows, one big and one small, appeared in the realization of everyone。

Wearing a black robe,So arrogant again,Not a good person! “who are you,Don’t you know you can’t fall here casually??” Questions for students,Xia Chenglong made a very simple answer。 Stretch out a hand from the black robe,Multicolored rays of light gush out from the palms! Inner Court Shangwu,They understand what this action represents。 Everyone looked at […]