Why color affects people’s emotions

Why color affects people’s emotions In the past, the Friere Bridge in London, England, was black, and people often committed suicide by diving from the bridge. As the number of people committing suicide by jumping off the bridge every year is too alarming, the City of London urged researchers from the Royal Academy of Sciences […]

Ginseng is not used with Veratrum

Ginseng is not used with Veratrum Records of ginseng anti-Ceratrum tired from herbal medicines throughout the history, such as the eighteen anti-songs in “Confucian Confidante” said: “. Zhuxin Xinxun rebellion against quinoa,” “Pharmaceutics” has “Ginseng Paeonia and Sand Ginseng. … At the sight of veratrum, it kills people, “Zhu Danxi said,” Ginseng starts in the […]

Yoga nutrition breakfast plan

Yoga nutrition breakfast plan The role of breakfast in three meals a day does not need to be repeated. The body’s absorption of nutrients in breakfast is also irreplaceable for lunch and dinner. So, how to match breakfast is reasonable? Today we offer you a yoga diet solution for nutritious breakfast.   The general principle of […]