Gogjian is not hesitant,“Brother,I am not a child.,Not a child,Every time you are deceived。”

Narrate,Old face is a black,But he is not a common man.,Soon converge。 “I am indeed a five-level high-end,Don’t you know,Summer frontal situation,The same achieved five high orders。” This sentence,Gogjian stunned。 Zhou Quanlu Tong Gu Huai is also a mistake。 They all recognized the realm of summer。 In the heart,I only think that summer is only […]

But what should I start??

Pensive moment,Wang traffic shouted Yang Kai told:“To dig up the Baishun Group,See if it is black?,I will find a media to explode.。 I want to use the public opinion to put press me.,Then I also let him taste the taste of being discredited.。” Yang Kai eyes bright,Excited:“Want to spend it??I have already waited.,do not worry,This […]