She has been investigating who poisoned you,Such a good granddaughter,Do you really bear the heart to keep him worried??Besides, even if I tell everyone you are all right,Just need to rest,Clean up the remaining poison slowly。

But everyone is still very worried about you,Do you have the heart to let a group of people who care about you continue to worry so much?,Everyone treats you very well,Always treat you as your elder as your grandfather。 So now you should open your heart to tell us anything,Let us help you solve it,Or […]

After drinking a bowl of soup,Surging into emotions that are difficult to calm,Full of hot air。Doctor Zhang is here。Doctor Zhang is panting,Asked:“how about it,Have you finished?Come,Now i give her some drops,It is estimated that it will be much better if you take a rest after hanging up。”

“Thank you。”Ding Kelan said politely,Make room for Dr. Zhang to hang a drip。 ———— First252chapter wonderful Ding Kelan did not leave Tian Lu this time,But let assistant Zhu Zhu go first,Said that he wanted to handle some official duties in the office。 After Zhu Zhu leaves,Ding Kelan came to Tian Lu,Sitting in a chair not […]

“Guilt?How can I feel guilty for a woman?Could it be that I failed her before?,Still not responsible for what she did?”

Qin Feng couldn’t help thinking,“No way,Is it possible that the old Lao Tzu was such an irresponsible scumbag??” Qin Feng silently criticized himself before his memory was confused,Then I also made a smile,She stretched out her hand and held Yang Xiaoying’s hand and said,“Hello there,My name is Qin Feng,Nice to meet you。” Then she let […]

They all have a feeling,Su’s girl,This time, it’s for us Jinling

The side’s family has raised their faces fiercely! What is dude?This is called 纨纨纨!What kind of ability to bully those weak,Want to bully,Bullied someone from Beijing,The biggest one,That’s fun! Slap down,But all the Ming gang are dumbfounded。 No wonder,Su Yunlei, such a delicate little girl, walked over,Who wants her to do it first?! Shizun Ming’s […]

Because time is tight,The senior management of Jianying immediately used all kinds of funds,Spend a lot of money to hire mercenaries from the Middle East and Eastern Europe,And actively coordinate the UK、Switzerland and Saudi Arabia**Open airspace for it,Let the mercenary transport and escort aircraft reach the vault area。

Around ten o’clock that evening,The three special planes arranged by Junji Sato arrived in their respective destination cities.,However, Sato Junji’s three subordinates all encountered a little trouble。 The first is the subordinates sent to London,Although the London branch of the Arrow Sakura organization contacted Raman in advance,Raman also promised to wait for Qiao Tianyu’s letter。 […]

Zhang Qingliang blinked,Reconsider the jar of wine,After pondering what Brother Hu said just now。This jar of wine,I think Brother Hu strongly recommended him to buy it,It might really be like what Huazi said。

He couldn’t help but look up at Hu Yang,Cast an inquiring look。 Hu Yang nodded slightly at him,No explanation。 Zhang Qingliang gritted his teeth:“Ok!Let’s be extravagant。” “That’s right!Make so much money,I have to treat myself,Is this the reason?”Old man smiled。 The audience in the live broadcast room vomited:trust you?You bad old man is bad! vertex […]

(A few hundred words are omitted here……)

Because of Shen Han’s initial resistance,Huo Rongxuan’s movements are not gentle,In addition, I didn’t pay much attention to each other’s feelings after drinking,He put Shen Han on the bed and worked hard all night.。 Shen Han developed relatively late in this area,Don’t say you haven’t done it with others,Usually even since`The number of comforts is […]

Wait for the smoke to pass,Two dark shadows, one big and one small, appeared in the realization of everyone。

Wearing a black robe,So arrogant again,Not a good person! “who are you,Don’t you know you can’t fall here casually??” Questions for students,Xia Chenglong made a very simple answer。 Stretch out a hand from the black robe,Multicolored rays of light gush out from the palms! Inner Court Shangwu,They understand what this action represents。 Everyone looked at […]

Soon,Wei Xiaoxing dragged a ghost knife,Came to the training ground。

Seeing Teacher Lu wants to teach Hebu knife,The other students all turned their attention here involuntarily。 “Have you used a knife before?”Lu Menglin asked。 He Bu shook his head,A blank look。 “it is good!You watch my movements,Look carefully。”Lu Menglin raised his hand,Take the Guitou Knife from Wei Xiaoxing,Drag the knife slowly,Drew a half arc in […]

But Qiao Tianyu vaguely felt,Things may not be as simple as they thought,Maybe a storm is already on its way.

as expected,God made a big joke with the clever Qiao Tianyu,This time he guessed it again。 That night,Tired of body and mind, Qiao Tianyu really doesn’t care about anything else,Eat something casually, tilt your head early and go to sleep,It didn’t take long before I slept,I was suddenly awakened by a rapid ringing of the […]