Tony:Haha,What did i see when i went online,Senior Prophet actually wants an exam,awesome。

Just when Shen Ziyao felt that life was meaningless,A word from Tony,Completely ignited her inner anger。 Shen Ziyao:@Tony,Do you think I am happy for the college entrance examination?,Believe it or not, I curse you to be kidnapped by terrorists again。 Tony:what,Senior Prophet, how dare I,It’s just a little unexpected。 But that’s what it says,But Tony […]

Annual growth8%?!

Rosemary, who was also dissatisfied with Chen Geng’s decision to pay dividends without discussing with the general manager of the company.,The pupils shrank suddenly! As a former executive of a bank,She knows annual growth8%This seemingly ordinary number,It actually means that Mr. Fernandez dug a hole for these guys in front of him! It’s a sinkhole! […]

Chen Wenjin thinks so。

But originally it was impossible to spend a night like this,There should be an end。 At this moment,The sea breeze suddenly changed a little faster。 The figure in the window suddenly raised his hand,Then he raised it out the window。 Followed by,The curtains are drawn quickly。About to close completely,Reveals the sudden light in the room。 […]

can only say,After Du Heng died,Qin Feng is afraid it will take a long time to transition to the next step。

“All right,Let’s go, Brother Qin Feng!” Wang Mengmeng didn’t know where he learned this trick,He didn’t even give Qin Feng a chance to refuse,After putting things away, I pulled Qin Feng out。 Walking on the road,Qin Feng suddenly smiled。 “Speaking of,I wanted to accompany you to school last time,I just didn’t expect an accident happened […]

“luck?How could it be luck!So many boxers are not his opponents,As soon as you go up,Knocked him down in a few clicks。I don’t know how clearly I can see!”Zhou Xingchi smiled like a child。

Lu Menglin shrugged,Too lazy to explain the key points。 If it’s about real fighting kung fu,How can I be able to beat Muay Thai as a half-hearted guy who is now learning and practicing?,Mainly because there are《Zhen Wu Ju Li Jue》On the body,In addition, Xingyiquan has a strong style of play,To have such a wonderful […]

Chapter One Hundred and Fifteen Emergency situations

When Han Yuxiang sent Xiang Chen to Fenglin Night Inn,Xiang Chen has fallen asleep deep in the car,Let Korean Xiang push and push,Xiang Chen is indifferent。If it weren’t for the sound from beginning to end,Xiang Chen’s snoring is at the same frequency,Han Yuxiang will definitely not bear his temper,Enduring the eyes of passersby will carry […]