“What level is he?”Qin Feng asked。

“He does not take any qualification exams,Just a grassroots chef,But it is said that his cooking skills,People who have eaten will never forget,I thought about it this time。”Xiao Wu is also a little helpless,Unexpectedly, the opponents of the game are so strong。 “It seems,You didn’t work hard,Know a lot。”Qin Feng smiled and patted Xiao Wu […]

really,The battlefield is the battlefield,There are no friends,Before he uttered wild words,To protect the heaven and earth,I’ll report it in a while。

“Oh?What do you want to report to heaven and earth??”The host asked in surprise。 “I want to report that they discriminated against me。”Liu Yidao is like a joke,Crying。 “Oh?Where do you start?”Seeing Liu Yidao’s funny look,The host couldn’t help laughing。 Actually sometimes,Competitions like this kind of variety show,Laugh more,Also very interesting。 “I invite them to […]

“Mr. Fernandez,”It’s like meeting an acquaintance chatting casually,Jack·Welch asked Chen Geng:“I read in the newspaper,Fernandez has made it clear that it will not lay off large-scale employees,And you also publicly promised toAMCCars continue to invest heavily,Upgrade and improve production facilities and management methods,is that true?”

“it is true。”Chen Geng nodded。 These are all reported in the newspapers these two days,Chen Geng is not surprised Jack·Welch would ask such a question。 “ToAMCCurrent situation,There should be a lot of money?” “Conservative estimate,Not less than in the next year5000Ten thousand U.S. dollars。”Chen Geng nodded again。 “……” Jack’s turn this time·Welch is speechless:Just spent […]

After learning about Ding Yan’s true identity this time,,In the days to come,Tian Lu began to pay attention to Ding Yan,Think she is a mysterious girl,Is a girl full of legends,Curiously trying to understand her。

Ding Keran is busy working in the office,Hear the doorbell ring。Thought,The Administration Department did not inform in advance,There are guests coming,Why don’t you pay attention to the rules today。 Get up and open the door,Seeing that Xie Lisu is smiling and showing half of her face hidden by long hair,Smile:“how,Don’t you welcome me?” Ding Kelan […]

The friendship between the two heats up further。

“Forget it,What should come will come,Let’s stop thinking about these some and none,And the next work,Promo,Dynamic report propaganda,These are important,Don’t be horny,In short,They won’t let us starve。”Chen Amei comforted。 It seems,Chen Amei’s inner hurdle is over。Maybe before suddenly facing demolition,too suddenly,I fainted when I couldn’t accept it。now,Chen Amei’s state has figured out the problem“Sunny after […]

Originally, Qin Feng just thought that there was something in this visualization.,But when his attention is completely fixed on that picture,He seems to have entered another world。

just like,There is a Buddha statue there。And the Buddha statue slowly came back to life。 Then a lot of voices are directly conveyed into his mind。 “Let go even if you are at ease.” Qin Feng can’t understand these languages,The most impression is that this thing should be the sound of Buddha。After all, the Buddha,Originally […]

“why?”Gonzalez’s face is not pretty,More is a bit unhappy with Chen Geng’s powerful aura,This damn Asian,The momentum actually overwhelmed myself?

Chen Gengli’s straightforward way:“Because our promise is worth the price,What you bought from us is a car in good condition、Quasi-new car with warranty。” “……”Gonzalez was speechless。 Think about it,Really like this,Without those promises of Fernandez,After buying this car back by myself, a comprehensive maintenance and maintenance must be carried out,Wasted money、How much energy and time […]

This reminder is very important to Chen Geng,Just like what Ji Shengcheng said,Now Fernandez has indeed reached the time to hire an accounting firm to help it avoid taxes reasonably.,He nodded to Ji Shengcheng:“Brother Ji,Thanks。”

“you are welcome。” Watching Chen Geng get into the car,Ji Shengcheng turned around and rushed all the way into Sol’s office:“Boss!Boss!We have big business!” …………………… Bob’s enthusiasm for driving a car tuning company,Scared Chen Geng:the next day,He sent a detailed plan to Chen Geng’s desk。 This plan not only clearly lists the technical strength needed […]

“Lu Menglin!Hand over the new drug formula,Then immediately kneel down and beg,We might be able to spare you!”The middle-aged man with black frame glasses screamed。

Lu Menglin smiled,Shook his head:“What nonsense!I am not afraid of you!” The middle-aged man with black frame glasses continued to laugh:“Not afraid of us?Wait for us to kill all your men,It’s not too late to negotiate with you!” Lu Menglin said without hesitation:“You kill!Just kill one,I ordered to cover this place with gunfire!Bomb and missile,I […]