Especially after learning from Wang Yufei that Xiaozhi ran stably for more than three hours,Even more excited。

If it’s not because the visa hasn’t been processed yet,I’m afraid he might buy the day’s ticket and rush to China。 As Wang Yufei judged before,For John·For a pure scientist like Martinis,Nothing is more important than a breakthrough in the technology he has studied for a lifetime。 if so,It must be that this guy suddenly […]

It’s impossible。

If Qingzhuo、The two dragons of Black Fang have stung to this level of bloodline,How could Bai be more exaggerated。 After all, reincarnation is changing,It is the leader。 “Zhu Minglang,Zhu Minglang,Your Xiaoye Jiao is fighting with the human lizard。”At this moment,Lu Wenye reminded nervously。 Others have dispatched their own dragons,Deal with the lizard water monster hiding […]

“Tu Tu Tu!Tu Tu Tu!”Guo Yinzhe wants to fight back,But there was a jet of white smoke in front of me,Don’t expect,Huanglian Shangqing once again cast his own“Xuan Bing Gang Qi”skill。

The technology of skill casting,Guo Yinzhe has never met in a battle,A player who grasps the right timing and skill range。With only one cast of ice gas,Left and right hands from a strange angle,He just slowed down Lu Yi and Guo Yinzhe in different positions at the same time。 “Is a master,Worthy of being a […]

On earth today,He is also recognized as the top three masters,Even if it didn’t break through the God of War,Still ranked‘Huashan’Jia Yi,‘Ice Emperor’Mohandsen et al.。

title‘Sword fairy’。 sword,Is a murder weapon! The name of the sword fairy,Was killed! “Didi~” ‘Sword fairy’Digs in the clothes,Take out a mobile phone to open the call。 A few minutes later。 “understood,The ruins of ancient civilizations in the Americas invite me to help develop them, right?。。Ok,I agreed,Remember to let the negotiator get more benefits!” Remember […]

Yang Qian smiled upon hearing this,Then he looked at Yang Fumeng behind him:“Use your best,Grab it!”

“understand!” Yang Fumeng nodded slightly,Immediately walked towards Fuming。 Crunch! Fuming clenched his fist slightly,Staring at these guys,Immediately when the palm of the hand touches the ground,A sneer appeared at the corner of his mouth。 Own opportunity,. ———— Chapter Four Hundred and Twenty Three:Step back each,Ten-day period! “Ugh。。。” “What a fairy fight,Mortals suffer.” “How do you […]