The teenager sweats profusely,Puff sitting on the ground,He worked hard to adjust his breath,Trying to calm myself down,The sound of the sigh just now is very important,If not so,He doubts that he will soon fall into a cycle of self-fear,It’s not as dangerous as last night,But it was enough to make him suffer again,Maybe it will leave a permanent root of the disease。

Efforts to trace the source,Compare the sighs I heard last night and I just heard,The boy was convinced that the sound came from the depths of the hall,The hall has never been hostile to him,But helping him? Repeated aftertaste,The tense and depressed heart of the teenager is relieved a lot,He decided not to look at […]

“Hey,This is not related to Wenyu,Your night shift tonight,It is your problem yourself.。”

Chilly white,Face is also lifting,road:“It is really especially unfortunately,I am going to get married.……” “Have her parents know??” Zhou Ye suddenly asked。 Qiu Pikai immediately answered Wenyu:“The boy thinks that this girl’s parents have power to know,So her parents have already known,Maybe you can get here tomorrow.。” “White-haired man send black hair。” I heard the […]

Murong is a few days ago, there is private in the deer people.,It is necessary to have a lot of performance,It’s so good to pull yourself.。

However, the Chu Deirers who were representative were refused.,Even if you make this, Murongji is extremely indignant.,It has taken the wind in the mushroom in the night for several days.,Chu Deirens also never——Probably this is the responsibility.! …… “Visiting the island,Honored,I have two people who are brothers.。”Reward, kindly, smile。 “Unused away!”Penalty evil, said the heart。 […]

This is why Zefa said that as long as Leo doesn’t kill the Celestial Dragon,He can protect Leo’s cause。

of course,This little thing is not worthy of Zefa。 “You are not even afraid of Tianlongren?Oh, what organization did I join?,I thought it was just an ordinary gang,Now it looks like it’s just a death-seeking organization!” Leo suddenly said:“say it one more time,We are a serious chamber of commerce!” Talking,Leo explained:“Tianlongren would never do anything […]

Qin Xiaomin thought for a while and said:“Something makes sense。Looks like you are such a thief。Dealing with you in the future,Must be cautious”

Qin Xiaomin and Xia Jian leave,Chen Jiang picked up the phone on the table,Called Chen Feng,One call,He lowered his voice and asked:“Bastard!The misappropriated money,Why is it still not in place??” “Damn!Some shipments have not been sent,But it’s coming soon,It can be done in ten and a half days”Where is Chen Feng on the phone?,Said a […]

The uniform will be distributed soon,After Fan Heimian checked the registration form carefully with the girl,Nod in satisfaction,Cleared his throat,Shout with open mouth “Colleagues,If you receive a uniform, change your outfit immediately,You must wear uniforms for work starting today,Did you hear?All right,New colleagues who got dressed go to the big office to gather,Do what old colleagues should do。”

Noisy in the corridor,Still chaotic,No one listens to him。Bragging,Smoking cigarette,Slapstick,More lively than the free market。Fan Heimian is surprisingly patient,Shouting over and over again,Tirelessly。 No wonder there are so many people,There are old employees,Li Tianchou complained about the new uniform,Counting heads boringly。. The corridor suddenly became quiet,It’s not that Fan Heimian is so charming,But a group […]

Left thousand households,The mysterious person is noticeable to an amazing oppression,Not murderous,But……Evil spirits!?

I feel bad,In the middle of the mask, vsi, revealing chill,Hope is not kind。 “Cui brother,You finally came,It’s no longer full of trouble.。” Knowing the autumn leaves helpless,The officers and soldiers have left thousands,The short hand is only the side of Fujia Sister.。 “Are you not working?,Why don’t you use it??” “Right,I have fixed margins……” […]

“Count all the motor vehicles in Pingyang Town,Quanzheng come to town,Tell them it’s a paid expropriation”Xia Jian said coldly。

———— First1599chapter Stressful night Tong Jie glanced at Xia Jian,A little embarrassing to say:“I’m afraid it’s a bit difficult at this time” “No difficulty,Your first call to Zhao Hong,Call Ma Chuntao the second one,Several villages in Dongshan,Forget the others,But Liuling Village can’t let it go,And Zhangwan Village,The remaining big household is Pingyang Village in the […]