The Standing Committee of the Fujian Provincial Party Committee held a meeting study through the special plan of "14th Five-Year Plan" Digital Fujian Province, Fujian Province

Original title: The Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee held a meeting on November 1st, Yin Li, secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, presided over the meeting of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, and carefully learned General Secretary Xi Jinping at the 34th collective study of the Political Bureau of the […]

The Quality Supervision Center of the Military Commission Logistics Support Department is the country cloud: put the site as a test center

Take the construction site in the examination room – remember the senior engineer of the Quality Supervision Center of the Military Commission Logistics Support Office First-line inspection construction project. Wang Shuzhi photo [Master Communications] Naiguang Yun, senior engineer, military facilities construction expert library member, national first-level registered construction engineer, have organized a major training site, […]

The first "Town Reform City" two years "Longgang Experience" has been copied to promote the country

In the future, the printing industry innovation service complex will continue to give up high-end elements, develop high-end industries, carry effective investment, promote major projects, promote traditional industrial chain, high-end, digital development, and become the development of Longgang City Industrial Innovation Development Important window. In the first half of this year, Longgang City realized the […]

Shandong: 277 million secured loans to help college students

  Xinhua News Agency, November 10 (Reporter Chen Yuxi) reporter learned from Shandong Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department, this year, Shandong has issued 1288 genetic guarantees to colleges and graduates, total billion yuan. Xia Luqing, deputy director of the Shandong Provincial People’s Social Security, said that this year’s graduates in Shandong Province exceeded 660,000, […]

People’s Daily Economic Time Comment: Artificial Intelligence, how to go down

  Artificial intelligence is a "real goods", but in some free and lack of rigorous exchanges or showcases. The benign development of artificial intelligence, still waiting to be awake the objective judgment and solid efforts to the most popular technology, I am afraid that non-artificial intelligence is. A larger data, cloud computing, Internet of Things, which […]

US media: Trump agrees that the FBI investigation Cavano nomination can be re-determined

  The US media said that President Trump changed attitude. On the 28th, the Democratic Party agreed to let the federal investigation of the Supreme Court’s nomination of Kavano launched in-depth investigation. Previously, the Republican Senator Flek refused to vote before approved in-depth investigation, and the situation suddenly reversed, which allowed Kavano’s nomination to get an […]