Black chicken Chinese medicine efficacy nutrition value disease treatment

Black chicken Chinese medicine efficacy nutrition value disease treatment

Eating tricks of black chicken is delicious and tonic. For black chicken, women who like to cook soup should be familiar.

Black chicken, also called Wushan chicken, is a kind of mixed food chicken.

From a nutritional point of view, the nutrition of black chicken is far more than that of ordinary chicken, and it has good medicinal and dietetic effects.

  ”Chinese Dictionary of Traditional Chinese Medicine”: Black-bone chicken[Name of medicinal materials]Black-bone chicken[Pinyin]WūGǔJī[alias]Black-bone chicken (“Pujifang”), medicinal chicken (“Zoological Dictionary”), Wushan chicken, wool chickenFluffy chicken, pine hair chicken, black-footed chicken, bush-crowned chicken, trousers chicken (“Chinese Herbal Medicine”), bamboo silk chicken (“Luchuan Materia Medica”).

  [Source]”Outline”[source]is the meat of the black-bone chicken of the family Plover or the whole body except the internal organs.

  [Original form]Black-bone chicken, a breed of domestic chicken.

  Hugh spindle is short and short, with a short neck, a meat crown, green ear leaves, and a slight purple-blue.

The hair color is white throughout, except for the two wing hairs, all of which are filiform; the hairs on the head are integrated, and the two jaws are filled with curly thin short hairs.

The skin, flesh, bones, and mouth are black.

It is lifted, and the feathers of the main wing feather are split, which makes the flying ability particularly strong.

Hairy feet, 5 claws.

The coat is numerous and dense.

  In addition to those with white hair, there are also black-haired black bones, spotted black bones, and flesh-white bones.

Most are captive.

  [Habitat Division]Origin of Taihe County, Jiangxi.

There are also newborns in other regions.

  [Sexual taste]sweet, flat.

  ① “Outline”: “Gan, Ping, non-toxic.

“②” Ben Cao Hui “:” Sweet and salty, flat.

“③” Yi Lin Compilation “:” Gan, Wen.

“[Gujing]Enter the liver and kidney.

  ① “Ben Cao Jing Shu”: “Take the liver, kidney blood.

“②” Compendium of Materia Medica “:” Start with Tai Yin, Foot Jue Yin, Shaoyin Meridian.

“[Function Indication]Nourish Yin and reduce fever.

Governance deficiency of laxative bone steamed thin, thirst, spleen deficiency slippery, stagnant mouth, collapse, and bring down.

  ① “Southern Yunnan Materia Medica”: “Bu Zhong Zhong quenches thirst.

“②” Outline “:” Tonic deficiency and labor weakness, cure thirst, moderate evil, beneficial mothers, treatment of the collapse of the disease caused by illness, adults and children under the mouth.

“③” Ben Cao Tong Xuan “:” Buyin fever.

“④” Compendium of Materia Medica “:” Pinggan Qufeng, remove irritability, and nourish the kidney and nourish yin.

“Shandong Zibo Ancient Chinese Medicine Research Institute for Difficult Diseases points out that black chicken is sweet and has a flat sex.

Return to the liver, kidney and lung meridians.

It has the effects of nourishing liver and kidney, replenishing qi and blood, and retreating deficiency heat.

Suitable for maternal and chronic diseases.

In the ancient Chinese medicine newspaper, we will introduce the medicinal recipe of black chicken: fried black chicken with mushrooms: 300 grams of black chicken, 50 grams of winter bamboo shoots, 50 grams of cucumber, 25 grams of shiitake mushrooms, 1 egg, vegetable oil, soy sauce, cooking wine, pepper water, Refined salt, water starch, MSG, clear soup each amount.

  Method: Wash black chicken, cut into thin slices, mix well with egg white and water starch; cut winter bamboo shoots, shiitake mushrooms, cucumbers into slices.

Heat the wok and add an appropriate amount of oil. When the oil is hot to 60%, add black chicken slices, shiitake mushrooms, cucumber slices, winter bamboo shoots and stir-fry, add clear soup, cooking wine, soy sauce, refined salt, MSG, pepper water, stir-frycan.

Serve with a meal.

  Efficacy: This product has the effect of nourishing the five internal organs, enhancing physical fitness, preventing disease and prolonging disease.Suitable for five internal organs.

  Black chicken jujube porridge material: 150 grams of black chicken, 10 jujubes?
15 pieces of rice, 100 grams of rice, moderate salt.

  Method: Wash the black chicken and cut it into pieces; wash the dates and rice.

Add black chicken with jujube and rice to the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, boil over high heat, use low heat to make porridge, add a small amount of refined salt to serve.

Serve daily, morning and evening.

  Frozen tofu tomato stewed black chicken materials: 200 grams of frozen tofu, 1 pure white strip black chicken, 100 grams of tomatoes, vegetable oil, cooking wine, refined salt, monosodium glutamate, shallot, ginger, and fresh soup.

  Measures: Thaw frozen tofu, wash, remove water, and cut into thin slices; cut net black chicken into pieces, put in boiling water to remove blood and remove, control water; cut tomatoes into pieces.

Add heat to the pot, add vegetable oil, and heat until it is 70% or 80% hot. Add green onions and ginger to burst the flavor. Add black chicken noodles and stir-fry for a while. Add cooking wine and fresh soup. Skip the floating foam after boiling.Add savory salt, frozen tofu pieces, simmer for 5 minutes, add tomatoes and monosodium glutamate, boil and simmer.

Serve with a meal.
  Efficacy: This product has the effect of tonic.

Applicable to physical weakness, senility, and osteoporosis after illness.

  Efficacy: This porridge has the effect of nourishing blood and stopping bleeding, and strengthening spleen.

Applicable to qi, blood and fluid deficiency, camp and health disagreement, palpitations, spleen deficiency, diarrhea, postpartum or chronic illness, blood deficiency and weakness.