Psychologist claims: success in the workplace is related to your dad

Psychologist claims: success in the workplace is related to your dad

In a new book, an American psychologist argues that your success or failure in the workplace is related to having a similar father.

  According to a report by Reuters on May 13, this new book, called Father’s Factors, was written by American clinical psychologist Stephen Porter.

In his book, he identified five types of fathers that can have a significant impact on their children’s careers: success, time bomb, negative attitude, casual and compassionate or mentor.

  Bolt’s death rate in the book, time bomb fathers are fathers who often have sudden temper tantrums at home.

People who have such fathers usually look at the workplace and know how to find out the temper and mood of those around them.

These people are often qualified for positions such as personnel managers or negotiators.

But people who have time bomb fathers will also generally feel safe or distrustful of others in the workplace.

  And even casual fathers can affect the development of their children in the workplace, because they always instill in their children the idea of avoiding difficulties and giving up challenges at work.

However, because of their rebellious attitude towards their father, their children often achieve unexpected success in their work, and they become a class of people who share their father completely.

They will usually be dissatisfied with their leaders and start their own business as bosses.

  Polt pointed out that different types of fathers can have different effects on their children’s work, whether they can get along well with colleagues, whether there is entrepreneurship, whether they are too much work, whether they are trying to work hard, and whether they canBecome a boss etc.

  ”I’ve seen a lot of people hit the glass ceiling (a barrier that doesn’t seem to be standing above them) or a concrete wall in the workplace,” Porter said.

What role does your father play in your life?

This is an unknown factor, but it must have an important impact on us, because we are all human beings.

“Porter also pointed out:” Many people will say ‘I never know my father’. In fact, you understand your mother’s resentment against him, your anger at him, you think he is a loser.

So believe me, you know your father.

He said: “The influence of a father on a person in the workplace is absolutely like a well-kept secret, which has not yet been discovered by most people.

“At the same time, William, a professor of psychology and director of the Men’s Center at McClean Hospital at Harvard Medical School?

Polanke also said: “A large number of studies have confirmed that parents’ altered family life affects the child’s personality and also affects the child’s ability to act in social interactions.

Whether men or women, the role fathers play in their lives can be reflected in their relationship with leaders in the workplace.