Woman derailment is an awakening

Woman derailment is an awakening

Three kinds of derailment and a crisis of trust. Most of the audience who have watched “Chinese-style divorce” will embarrass Song Jianping. They did nothing but were bitten by his wife Lin Xiaofeng.Finally got to the point of divorce.

Does Song Jianping really have no idea of derailment?

He had wanted to be beautiful, independent, and strong female colleague and neighbor. According to the theory of his good brother Liu Dongbei, this was a kind of derailment-heart derailment.

Because you have betrayed her!

  Betrayal between men and women can be divided into two types: physical betrayal, heart betrayal, and physical betrayal.

Usually people care about the first and the third, and the second is basically ignored.

But let me say that the severity of the betrayal of the heart is far higher than the betrayal of the body-what is a night’s joy?

Who can guarantee that there is no impulse or occasional fire in his life?

The betrayal of the heart is different, its nature is exactly the same as the physical betrayal.

In terms of my valuation, it is not as good as the third one, because of its pseudo-morality and its inhumanity: your heart is not with her, the body is with her, even unfair to you, rightThe other party is also a deception.

An insult.

  There is no big relationship between derailment and morality. No matter which derailment is, it will destroy the contract that love is exclusive, and it will cause a crisis of trust between couples and lovers. It is the crisis of trust that destroys marriage and love.

Derailment of one’s body and mind said it was “thirst quenching” and “disinfection”.

“Thirst quenching” is a woman who is completely different from his wife, which brings him a new sense of the senses; “disinfection” is that he lives a detached spiritual life with his lover. They say the dirtiest and most messy hidden in the heartThen, the dirty words made him reborn and his soul was purified.

A very decent excuse.

  Perhaps because of Yan Shouyi’s cheeks, the film “Mobile Phone” was defined by official experts as “not high-profile” when competing for the Golden Rooster Award.

However, this so-called “not high-profile” film has won box office brilliant.

At least this shows that even if Taoists try their best to avoid it, the people are facing the reality.

The “Derailed” TV series “Chinese-style Divorce” has a very good audience rating. A few years ago, wasn’t “The Mood for Love” just a derailed movie?

On the poster of Wang Jiawei’s old movie “2046”, which was newly launched in 2004, Liang Chaowei lay half-naked on his back and put on a deceptive look.

  Women are derailed like men. On the issue of derailment, there was a patriarchal phenomenon that began with the culprit of a broken family. It is men, not women.more.

  Female derailment is still very rare, but now the proportion of male and female derailment is already half, the secret lives of wives: Why do they derail?

All the time, all books and surveys say that women are like jugglers, work, housework, children, husbands, and hands can’t drop any of their balls. At night, the remaining energy consumption can only press the washing machine switch.

  But now, they have found every opportunity to put on their best La Perla underwear and date their lover in a hotel. 60% of the women surveyed admitted to having an extramarital affair, and 90% said they were not guilty.

She believes that women are derailed in pursuit of 4 things: self-recognition, sex, empowerment, and love.

They did not feel guilty because they were disappointed in their marriage.

When they came to their senses, they wanted to foul.

In certain contexts, such as “My husband doesn’t care about me”, “I’m attractive”, etc., more and more women dare to admit that they are derailed.

  Most women do not consider derailment to be moral corruption, instead, some people think it is their right.

This also means that they will not feel guilty. Many housewives are reluctant to say that this is derailment. They are emotions and multiple.

I tried to explain it to my best friend, but she said, don’t explain it, you are changing the law for selfishness.

Maybe she was right.

But these women do feel young and full of hope in their lives.

They acknowledge that this is in pursuit of personal satisfaction.

If the husband knew, he must have been particularly hurt, but he knew us and could understand our approach.

  Some people think that derailment grants women control over marriage and promotes marriage.

Shocking comments have brought Heyn abusive and death threats, but some women who have experienced derailment swear that derailment has indeed promoted the health of their marriage.

Women always want more attention and love from men, even those who are happy in marriage.Rebecca derailed with Beckham?

Luth had this idea.

She’s smart, pretty, sexy, and good taste, but she needs to get more of this.

Derailment, for her, not just for sex, she wants more men to praise her and fall in love with her, especially Beckham, the world’s best, most handsome and richest man to prove her charm.

  Women always have a way to conceal derailment very well, and they can coordinate dual roles well, only to discover later that derailment is actually a car that can’t stop.

The most important reason why women are derailed is not related to morality.

Derailment of women means that they have invaded the traditional realm of men.

Behind the derailment, women have the same rights as men-with financial resources, can travel, stay home late in the office, and can participate in entertainment and parties.

  In this man’s world, derailed women feel like a man.

Each woman who went out of the wall had a reason to ask a married woman. What do you think of Hong Xing going out of the wall? Her answer was yes, and she asked why she needed it. She said that need is needed.

Maybe every woman who comes out of the wall has a reason, previously classified below.

But if the back of happiness is not happiness, think twice.