“it is good!”Li Ming nodded,At the same time, the mental power quickly dissipated。

The search effect of mental power is very strong,Even some ancient civilizations that have been discovered,Relying on the current level of human technology, it is impossible to detect。For example, use radar to search,But these ancient civilization relics can completely counter,Absorb the wave,Much more effective than the most advanced stealth coatings。
In addition to seeing with your eyes,Or touch outside,The only way is to rely on mental power to search。
Li Ming still knows,Except myself,There is also a spiritual teacher at the senior war-general level in China,Also performing similar tasks。
Unfortunately,There are only two spiritual teachers in the country who have reached this level or above,There are no more than ten people worldwide。
Li Ming’s mind power can extend a distance of more than two thousand meters,Like a tentacle,Focus on the location of Li Ming,Three hundred and sixty degrees to detect conditions within this range。
“Underground river!”
“Ok,Earthworm monster,Looks so ugly!”
“metal。。。Ok,It’s an antique buried in the ground。”
“this is!”
suddenly,Li Ming’s mental power goes through a hole,Swept a barrier。
An object that cannot be penetrated by mental power。
on the ground,Li Ming showed a smile,To two companions:“found it,follow me!”
Dun Tissot quickly decomposes,among them16The handle of the flying knife is surrounded to form an awl shape,Spinning at high speed along its center。
“Da da da~”Li Ming’s flying sword combination is like a drill,Easily dug a big hole in the ground。
Li Ming flew in along this hole first,But Zhang Tufu and Bai Miaomiao also looked at each other,Also jumped down。
“this is。。。Underground cavity?”Li Ming sighed in surprise,“There is actually under the ground。。。”Li Ming opened his mouth but couldn’t speak。