This also makes many young people’s seemingly anti-intellectual remarks survive on the Internet,The reason why the audience is still extremely broad。

In addition, the masters who are now fooling people are also advancing with the times,Anything beyond common sense,Put on a high-tech veil,It immediately makes people feel tall and tall。In addition to the flood of self-media,Any cat or dog can use the Internet to express opinions,Especially many of them still have a deep rhyme in the hearts of most Chinese people,This kind of thing is inevitable。
So the central media machine needs to promote science,Refuse to fool,Can save a wallet,Is a。
of course,This kind of propaganda can invite the inventor of quantum computer to talk about quantum computer,Natural effect is the best。
So the Central Media still hopes to invite Wang Yu to fly to the TV station to do a talk show。
Actually, it’s not the first time to have a relationship with central media。Wang Yufei and Lu Yuxin both got the first prize in the college entrance examination of Xiangnan Province,Another gold medal in the International Olympiad,And solve the twin prime conjecture,The central media went directly to the No. 1 Middle School in Southern Hunan Province,Expressing the hope that a team will be sent to Shonan to make a film for this year’s very special couple of schoolmasters。
But after Wang Yufei and Lu Yuxin were interviewed by Provincial Taiwan,It’s all over。
A few more times,The central media also handed out an olive branch to Wang Yufei,But in the end it was still unsuccessful。
Actually for various reasons,On the one hand, Wang Yufei’s temper is there,Unless it is for special publicity,Otherwise, for this kind of thing like being in front of the public,Not very concerned。
On the other hand, the central media also wants face。
I told you in advance to interview Wang Yufei,As a result, the two teenagers were very ignorant,Just accept the provincial media interview first,I also accepted an interview with online media,Why does this make the central media’s love??
Then both sides are not too cold to each other,Of course, the central media reported on Wang Yufei in the news.,Just directly quoted some materials recorded by the provincial media。
But who made Wang Yufei such a miraculous master。
I’m not at ease in college,Brain-computer chip,Followed by Xin System,Then there are high-energy solid-state batteries……
Then there are quantum computers,A wave of hot searches followed by a wave of hot searches。
All news material worthy of a big book。
Of course the central media cannot remain indifferent,Actively rebroadcast the product launch conference of Changxiang Technology twice before,The news channel is even more exciting,Gave these technologies that turned out to be a lot of time。
of course,I haven’t given Wang Yufei an exclusive interview.。