The right wrist of the Jianshuo white man was held by Chen Xiu,I can’t move half of my body,After all, Chen Xiu can remove his right wrist at any time.,He finished his sentence in internationally accepted English,I just kicked under Chen Xiu with my left foot。

“Lying!” Chen Xiu is angry,No more mercy now,Kick him in the stomach first,At the same time, the force of the left hand directly dislocated his right wrist,The pain is so strong that the white man is holding his wrist,It’s curled up on the ground into an unstoppable howl,Tears came out of my eyes,Crying like a […]

After waiting for a few minutes,He moved forward slowly and lightly,Just walked a short distance and then stopped again。Wait a few more minutes,Go a little further,Repeat this several times,Already very close to the courtyard wall,But the strange thing is that there is no sound inside。

Could it be a dumb dog?Wu Fang felt strange,Such a close distance,No matter how bad a dog is, it’s impossible to turn a deaf ear,Muffled,Or maybe the big wolf dog he saw with his own eyes in the afternoon has been released to wander around、Not in the yard anymore? Wu Fang immediately became vigilant,Listen carefully […]

“by,Still lingering!”

To the city,There are more vehicles and pedestrians,Huzi’s speed can’t be raised either,Seeing the car behind is getting closer and closer。 “Turn left ahead!” Chen Xiu opened the satellite navigation map on the phone and shouted。 “Turn left?Turn left into the one-way street,Retrograde,Not easy to escape!” “listen to me,Turn left!” Has reached the intersection,Huzi had […]

Chen Xiu directly exploded,Hung up angrily。

“Ding……Ding……” Just hung up,The phone rang,Chen Xiu directly connected to Fury Road:“Pu your mother,I want Lao Tzu to surrender you,Daydreaming……” “Chen Xiu,it’s me!” Osheng’s voice came from the phone。 Chen Xiu is embarrassed,Sorry to say:“Osheng,I’m not scolding you!” “I know。” Ou Sheng said with a smile:“Mr. Ye has sent a private jet to pick you […]

Chen Xiu nodded and said:“With the blood and sweat of your ancestors,This one million is really not much……but,I want to look at the condition of this bottle first!”

“okay!”The fat boss shouted:“Come to accept,Give the bottle to this gentleman!” A buddy quickly moved the bottle to the middle of Baxiantai,The other guy sneakily dimmed the lights,This is also a means of selling fake antiques。 This kind of experience is written in Zhang Lao’s notebook,In the 1990s, when antiques weren’t sold as such,Those who […]


高伯逸在郑敏敏身边说道。 康虎儿A deep breath,助跑了两步,随即借着惯性,将手里的红色陶罐,猛的朝着前方铺好的沙地丢去! 噗的一声,陶罐未碎,陷入沙中。郑敏敏看到这个陶罐位于黄色的线与橙色的线之间,她在册子上写道:康虎儿,黄线。 “对了,如果抛Do not到最近一条线的,明日起就不是神策军的人了,你们自谋生路啊。” 高伯逸喊了一句,吓得李达手里的红色陶罐差点掉到地上。刚刚他也看出来了,康虎儿没有“点火”这个动作,说明现在只是“闹着玩”而已。 没想到高伯逸还是要玩真格的。不过李达对此并不担心,若是谈到臂力,他们这些资深丘八,是绝不会输给别人的。 哪怕是高伯逸的右臂,也未必比得过自己。当然,高伯逸那支天生怪力的左臂就不用说了,Who is more than him。 Li Da learns Kang Tiger’s look,深吸一口气,Just ready to run,Gao Bi suddenly asked with doubts:“Your fire?Why don’t you mean??” Um?Want to ignite?? Li Da is stupid!Just now, Kang Tiger will drop it directly.!I didn’t see him ignited.。 Do you can’t be doubled?? […]

Look at,Most of the swords are not coming out.,And rare traces,Only the body is coming out of the body.,Obviously“Master”,Almost no chance,I have been killed!

Only a few people,Because she hides,Or escape in the opposite direction,This will keep a small life。 Liu Sheng’s drift and continues to recover backwards,Obviously she ran from the back door.,And the female magic has been chasing her,This is not important.。 Chu Deirers did not understand other people.,Only follow…… Out of the back door,Two Sanlishan Road,I […]

I saw that the sword man used the sword technique of the Sword Sect of Yaoshan,Hao Xingsheng was convinced by most!

I wish Minglang must be inside。 It’s normal to have a guard by his side,Anyhow, Zhumen’s only son,How could there not be a group of guards to protect。 For this reason, King An and Zhao Yinge dispatched the powerful dead servants in the palace.,Among them are no shortage of masters,There are countless master-level powerhouses,Naturally, we […]

He ordered ten dishes,Generally enough for ten people。How do you feel that he and Ge Lingyue、Gu Bingjun didn’t eat much,The dishes are all finished?This is when everyone is not drinking。

Does this mean that he is very insincere in the invitation? “I don’t need it,full!”Ge Lingyue smiled and waved,She really doesn’t eat much。 “I think people have a good appetite,Can be full。”Gu Bingjun smiled and said。 I don’t know if it’s the truth,But Chen Cheng couldn’t force it。 “Row,If you are full,I also talk about […]

“it is good!I listen to you”Nalandeping said,I closed my eyes。Old man down this way,A little tired,Really embarrassed him。

Xia Jian drove up the hill。Stone path,Fortunately, Xia Jian has good car skills,The car bumped but still rushed to the top of the mountain。 Look east,There really is an unfinished building。It looks like it’s covered three layers,Basically forming one layer and two layers,Only the third floor is exposed。 Xia Jian didn’t even think about it,Drove […]