On earth today,He is also recognized as the top three masters,Even if it didn’t break through the God of War,Still ranked‘Huashan’Jia Yi,‘Ice Emperor’Mohandsen et al.。

title‘Sword fairy’。
sword,Is a murder weapon!
The name of the sword fairy,Was killed!
‘Sword fairy’Digs in the clothes,Take out a mobile phone to open the call。
A few minutes later。
“understood,The ruins of ancient civilizations in the Americas invite me to help develop them, right?。。Ok,I agreed,Remember to let the negotiator get more benefits!”
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Chapter 229Ruins
Somewhere deep in the Amazon jungle, South America,Before Nirvana,Is one of the most mysterious places in human society,Shennongjia、It’s the same as the Bermuda Triangle。
It is said that,Here are cannibals with long hair。