After a moment,She ran back,Also drilled into Liao Jiehuai。

Didn’t encounter sweeping,But I saw the abstament of the first peer of the Dharma.,These two people don’t play,And sweeping the floor is nothing difference。
Abbacitor stands in front of the door,Politeness:“Small squad,Dare to ask for the essay,Today, Jahaiji is sent to the door.,Ordered to be protruded in the house?”
“Place it at the door,By the way, take the snoring small monk,It’s noisy。”
Listening to the sound,The abbot has a dark road, there are people outside the sky.,Respectful,Lift the virtual bamboo leave,Just put the jade Buddha pendant in the false bamboo shackles.。
“Brother,The virtual bamboo is the only disciple left in the virtual character.,Although he is quite dull,I hope to live with Shaolin.,There is a certain day, it will be a pillar in my Shaolin.,You take back to your life teaching。”Emotion。
“Rest assured,Is not afraid of qualifications,Diligent,Plus Dada Early Master Brothers Pouring,Not afraid he can’t practice。”
The first shot of the Dharma:“I have seen the virtual bamboo palm,Very suitable for practice,Others don’t dare to say,Within twenty years,Boa King Kong Kong is a small。”
“Have a brother,I am relieved.。”
Tibetan Scriptures,A Zi heard the footsteps and gradually,Tone。
Only one thing,Her life is gone。
but,Who is absent?,Is it selfless??
A purple head doubts heavier,Be careful to see the handsome face,This look,Eye-catching,Discover Liao Jie is also in yourself,Small face。
“what happened,Why is it a murderer??”
“Do not talk nonsense,Take your hand,Touch me again.。”Liao Jie over white eyes。
A Zi heard,Discover your own hands positively in Liao Jie chest,Forgively:“Conditioned reflex,People want to catch some things in a nervousness,Nature,I am not intentionally。”
Liao Jie:“”
Not talk,I looked at the thoracic muscle of A.,Speech,I caught myself.,Why do you catch him??
“Is it not very strange to touch your own?!”
“What is your eyes?,I said it is not intentional.,If you think I deliberately,You will pick up the oil and went back.!”A Zi quaint chest rises,People who deal with women,I don’t have to have this。
Liao Jie nodded,Painting a chest dragon,狠 手 阿 半 半 半 半。
All see it,He doesn’t want,Is a purple。
A Zi stunned,Look at Liao Jie,I looked at my chest again.,Until Liao Jie nodded,Signature she is not wrong,This is reacted。
“Ah, ah.”
Tibetan congases,The abbot heard the female voice first is screaming.,After the pain,Footsteen slightly,Upper to leave next second。
The first head of the Dharma,Awkward:“Abstinence,I just saw a disciple of a star to run into the Tibetan Classic Pavilion.,This is”
“Mother and brother,Disciple of no star,Nothing at all,Even if there is,It is also the predecessors in the monster magic。”
The abbot deeply saw the first of the Eye Tuo,Sweep the floor,The gods and the gods of the Hiss Hand and Hello,It is also called them to make the other party difficult。