Chu Deirers“greedy”,Achieve this recruitment,At this time,It is also a rolling desire.。

The first thing of the Si Ling is beneficial to the Cognac“Dial”,Just fight against“Come”Multi-strike,Not being moved,He and Yutu、Murongbo is also an opportunity to alliance。
However, the Chu Deirers suddenly fell into the Buddha as a truth.,The first thing that is decent……
智 智 in the reapoleum,by“greedy”Mid,Achievement now,Combine《Luohan Fu Devil》,I am parallel to my heart、Also or“Fidelity”。
Not only, not only, it is deeply、I have already entered the demon,to a certain degree,Can control its behavior,And according to this“Dial”Si Lingzhi。
However, this trick is at this time.“Besides”,Directly broke his mood,Make it mad!
“Kill you、I will kill you!Hahaha……Zhang Sanfeng can na.!”Si Lingzhi once again exposed madness。
Because“Don’t live”,So it looks stronger,But the fact has lost your wisdom.,Converse it is easy to deal with,Chu Deirers don’t touch him hard,Just unloading it to attack、I don’t teach him to escape one side.——This time Chu Deirers are ready for evil.!
Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake
Seventy-sixth chapter Murongbo’s high school
And said that the Chu deer after Item of the madness of the old monster.,All the way to fight!
If he is mad,Chu Deirers,Chu Deirers“Qiankun noctus”Remove its attack,Entangled、Consumption,If he is sold, escape,Then Chu Deiren all the way,Not strong,Just handling wisdom print,by“Dafa”Continuous interference……
Ok,“Dafa”What,and“Three points return”Same,It’s just that the Chu Deirers are called.。
In fact, it is“Come”Smart print,Temporarily transfer other properties to spirit,After using“Treasure”Middle spiritual interference。
As a result,Siling’s first crazy roots can’t stand,But more serious,When he ran down the Jiulu Mountain,Already like a real ancient violell,Two“Precursor”,Pour、Large imparting,The cell is intensive and there is no conscious recovery!
Just when two people fled one、An attack,When you want to leave Jiu Lianshan,Sweeping the figure,After two people, I showed it.……
Chu Deirers final“Besides”,Not only transforming itself,And also transform the Zen of the meditation,Not only gave the first four spirits“surprise”,Also gave a sweeping one“surprise”。
He nature is not worried about it.,But I found that the Chu Deirers after the magic,Quo、Remove the impact of the magic,Sweeping the floor is incredible,I didn’t have an emergency。
Chu Deirers look at the signs of fire,It is controlled“Entrance”……
As for the first……
Although the martial arts,But the age is too big,The brain has been chaos,It is completely the ancient violent dragon who is getting again.,Limited potential,In the eyes of sweeping, it is not more important than the other side.!
At this time“the other side”……
I saw it in the party,The room was demolished.,However, finally, the father and son, finally stopped at this time.,Prepare, Murongbo, finish Euler。
“Far away brother,You and me,But it’s personal and hate,Today, Lang is already expensive as the peak,When you have a loyalty to you,But more steps more……”Murong Bo Zhang said。
Yuanshan debut is angry:“Boss,You still want me to thank you not?”Yuanshan is now I want to go to him.!
Murongbo is also a humanity——If his lady is killed,But people killed her,Helpful,He absolutely a smile。
Seeing the distance of the mountain,Murongbo also moved to the overall way:“it’s not true,I just want to say it.……After Danthand died,Bao Baiqi is here,There are also unwilling people in the heart of the far away.?Nowadays, the little emperor,But use to get the Lang,And more……
Today I am,Also in the big Song,It is also a righteous mens for Zhao Tie, who is ruling the dragon mountain.,Lang’s worship brother、My child……Friends,It is also mastering many righteous troops in Yunyuan.,And Lang’s three brothers,Or Dali’s heir,It is also a son-in-law of Dali National Lord.,At the same time, my aunts,And the Xixia Emperor is also in the affair,I have also agreed with the Tubo National.……
As long as we join hands、Mutual assistance,When I arrived, I was first tamper.,Control the political affairs,After that, he will help the Lang in the whole clear chaos.,Let the Bai Ban are orthodox,After that, you can then treat the land of Sichuan to Dali and West Summer.,And assist Tubo;
Tubo arrived、Dali and Xixi,Not only can you,And the Western Regions of the West Classical Western Waiter、Break,It is a barrier that is waiting for my west;
And Yunyuan Yijun can take the opportunity to concentrate,Light copy、River set,When I arrived in my hand,Don’t you??”
Originally Murongbo still wants to say,No matter the full person、Monk、Han……What kind of daughter-in-law do you want??
However, from the previous far away response,Obviously not acceptable,So Murongbo also didn’t say more。
If the Chu Deire is present,I will spit in my heart.——Which of you and West Xealia??Your little scorpion has wear a green hat by the daughter of the emperor.,Even if you have a marriage?
Sure enough, it is the chaotic period of the north and south.、Rear generations of Yan Yan, as a circumstance,Murong’s saying is a strong country,But there is nothing a big idea.,Instead, full of brain split ideas。
It is said that it is“Reorder”,It’s better to say that it is exhaustive.,I want to disturb the time,Take a loop。