Fitness is beneficial only if you have degree

Fitness is beneficial only if you have “degree”

Experts analyze that there are two main reasons for the damage: first, the disease is caused by excessive use of ligaments, muscles, joints and other parts; second, the wrong posture is used during exercise and the body is injured.
  Stretching exercises are appropriate and expert analysis shows that there are two main causes of injuries: First, the lesions are caused by excessive use of ligaments, muscles, joints and other parts; second, the wrong posture is used during exercise and the body is injured.
“Anti-Yogaism” advocate Cheng Songfeng believes that a large number of stretching movements of bending the sides and back of the spine in yoga poses will cause practitioners such as disc herniation, wear, aging, bone hyperplasia and muscle pull over time.Injury and a series of diseases.
  It is beneficial for people to do stretching exercises within the flexible range of their tendons and ligaments.
“Suppose the athlete runs for 5 minutes, but the stretch before running is almost 1 hour.
Another example is a white-collar worker who sits for a long time. It is better to stretch the waist and relax the muscles in the gym every day than to do nothing.
But he also emphasized that it is not eager to achieve perfection in order to achieve perfect movement. A gradual stretching exercise is beneficial. When the “preheating” is sufficient before the exercise, or the body has been trained to be very soft, it can be appropriately adapted to personal needs.Increase the range of action.
  Choose the most suitable exercise “There are many popular fitness exercises such as yoga, belly dancing, boxing, etc., but not everyone is suitable for practice.
Wang Wen said that the potential dangers of sports injuries in different groups are different: young people’s epiphysis (the two ends of long bones) is soft and easy to be injured; older people often lack calcium and easily break;Sick patients can cause discomfort due to excessive exercise.
Therefore, it is particularly important to choose appropriate sports according to your physical characteristics in different periods.
  For example, ball games that combine endurance and strength training, such as table tennis, volleyball and basketball, and medical solid balls, have a relatively large amount of exercise and are suitable for the strong.
And Qigong, Taijiquan, Baduanjin and other sports are suitable for obese and frail people.
It should be noted that people with diseases such as osteoporosis patients, patients with cervical and lumbar spine diseases, and patients with osteoarthropathy are not suitable for practicing large-scale stretching exercises.
  There are three ways to prevent sports injuries. It is important to choose the right venue and equipment before running. For example, it is best to run in a dedicated stadium instead of crowded roads. When using fitness equipment, pay attention to choosing a reliable brand.
Secondly, have good mental preparation to avoid being too depressed or excited.
People who are full of work are dragged onto the field to exercise, or exercise with a venting mentality, and the chance of sports injury will be greater.
Furthermore, warm up by jogging or walking, doing stretching exercises, etc. before exercise.
  When exercising, any movement must have a “rising trend” and a “recessing trend”, gradually.
You cannot enter a high-load exercise state at once, nor can you stop suddenly.
At the same time, it is also important to prevent your injury from making your posture as standard as possible.
In addition, protective equipment is indispensable when playing vigorous sports such as basketball, skating, and football.
  After exercise, the body can be fully relaxed by doing exercises, taking a deep breath, and pulling.
It can also add calcium and protein appropriately to prevent fractures and promote muscle growth.