The simplest qi method – clapping hands, getting through the meridians, smoothing the blood, prolonging life

The simplest qi method – clapping hands, getting through the meridians, smoothing the blood, prolonging life

The simplest qi method in the first section: Clap your hands in the morning is very simple, but the effect is not simple.

Clap is a kind of health regimen that is just up to the yang. Its main function is to qi.

The hand is the base camp of yang, and the foot is the base camp of yin.

There are 39 hand points, and the clap can shake the yang and promote the running of the whole body.

Why do you want to shoot in the morning?

Because the sun just rises in the morning, the yang between the heavens and the earth begins to accumulate slowly, and the yang in the human body also shifts to the rising sun. It is a match for people. At this time, clapping can promote the rise of yang, which is good for the whole
The Emperor Qianlong lived very long, and his poems were written a lot. However, there are very few good poems. Some of his poems are the relationship between writers and qi and blood: “The palms of the sun and the moon, the time of the sun, the blood,What year is it?

From a literary point of view, this poem by Emperor Qianlong is not well known, but from the perspective of health, this poem is very likely.

He said that the secret of health and longevity is hidden in the palm of his hand. He masters this secret and will turn back.

What is this secret?

That is to clap your hands.

Clap your hands to clear the whole body and blood, the whole body’s serum, when will there be white hair?

Although Qianlong’s poems are somewhat exaggerated, the clapping hands do have extraordinary qi effects.

There are twelve meridians in the human body, and there are six connected with the palm of the hand. They are the hands of the Taiyin lung, the hand Shaoyin heart, the hand sputum yin heart, the hand sun small intestine, the hand Shaoyang San Jiaojing and the hand Yangming large intestinethrough.

The meridian is a gas pipeline that connects the internal organs, the meridians are blocked, the operation of the gas is not smooth, and people will get sick.

Clap your hands can clear the six major meridians at the same time, its role can not be underestimated.

Why do you scream and scream while clapping your hands?

Our bodies are both material and spiritual. The human spirit can be divided into two levels. The first level of the spirit is hidden in the human brain. It is called consciousness. People often use it to think about money and beauty.And power; the second level of the spirit is hidden in the human heart. At this scale, people often produce emotions such as peace, anxiety and fear.

The third level of the spirit is hidden in the human liver, the Chinese medicine is called the soul, and the “Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” says “the heart hides the god, the liver hides the soul.”

In Western terms, God and soul are equivalent to human subconsciousness.

In the world of consciousness, what people need is thinking. In a subconscious world, people need peace, love and gratitude.

Consciousness can give us wealth, and subconsciousness can bring us health.

Perhaps, if a person sleeps, the consciousness in the brain rests, but the subconscious mind in the heart and liver is still working. It directs your stomach to still digest, directing your blood to still flow.

Therefore, if the body wants to be healthy, it is necessary to make the work of the subconscious mind normal.

At the same time, human consciousness can also influence the subconscious mind. One of the ways in which consciousness affects the subconscious is the suggestion.

It may be because you repeatedly repeat the remarks and give the body a hint. Over time, this sentence will be transformed from consciousness into subconscious, directly into the heart and liver, thus affecting our body.

The people in the park kept shouting “The body is unobstructed, and all diseases are not born.” This is a suggestion that for a long time, this consciousness will turn into a subconscious mind and affect our whole body.

Therefore, people’s minds sometimes work better than the best medicines.

Below, I will teach you some simple and effective clapping methods.

The second section of the basic clap qi method is divided into ten fingers, the palm of the hand palm, fingers to fingers, evenly slap, remember to separate the thumb from the other four fingers, so as not to cause excessive clap.

You can tap at the beginning and gradually increase it later.

With your own hands, you can afford it, but not too light.

Otherwise, it will not stimulate the acupuncture points and reflection areas of the palm.

It is best to clap your hands in the early morning. If you feel that the noise generated when you clap your hands is too big to accept, you can also take a “hollow palm”.

The palm of your hand is arched, your fingers are open, and when you shoot down, you can take the tip of your finger and the edge of your palm.

However, the impact of this method is reduced, so the effect will be worse, so the time of tapping will be relatively longer.

In addition to the most basic palm-hand shots, you can also shoot each other on the left and right palms. The left and right hands are shot with the tiger’s mouth. The two palms are bent and shot each other. The palm of one hand is hit by the hand of one hand, and the tiger’s mouth is hit with the palm of your hand.

Don’t underestimate these little tricks, these are all very particular.As long as you carefully read the picture of the palm acupuncture point and the reflection area, you will understand that each small movement is aligned with one or several important acupuncture points and reflection areas.

Stimulate them, you can get through the meridians, and ensure the smoothness of blood.

The third section of the advanced clap qi method (1) palm back pat on the back end and the vertebrae of each vertebrae have acupuncture points.

Du Meridian is one of the eight classic veins of the human body. It has the function of regulating yang and qi and blood. It can not only resist the evil spirits, but also warm the meridians and nourish the internal organs.

With both hands clenching fists, stepping on the back and patting the back of the life on the pulse of the door, you can replenish the kidney, strengthen the waist and strengthen the yang, and support the righteousness.

If you can pat the back of the bladder at the same time, the effect of qi is more obvious.

(2) The palms of both hands are patted on the tail vertebrae, and the ends of the vertebrae on the left and right sides of the tail. The Taoist is called the “tail”, which is the starting point for the passage of the Du Meridian.

Tap here to strengthen the tone of the Du Meridian, thus promoting bowel movements.

Friends with constipation can try this method, simple and effective.

Then use the left and right palms to take the center line of the left and right hips in turn. This is the place where the sun’s bladder passes, and the bladder is helpful for diuresis.

Finally, taking turns to beat forward, this is the alternation of the foot and less yang. The slap can promote bile secretion, improve the digestion of the liver and gallbladder, blood supply and detoxification.

Many women who love beauty always suspect that their faces are dull and long-spotted. In fact, this is caused by toxins in the body. They use this method to beat, replenish the pulse of the pulse, promote defecation, and discharge the toxins from the body. The body is clean.The skin naturally becomes white and translucent, emitting a radiant glow from the inside out.

(3) Tap the abdomen and pat the abdomen with the left and right palms.

There are several meridians in the abdomen: Renmai, Foot Yangming stomach, foot Shaoyin kidney, foot Taiyin spleen, foot and yin and liver, hands take turns to tap here, strengthen the spleen, stomach, liver and kidney.

Renmai follows the middle of the abdomen, taking the whole body’s yin and qi, responsible for the body’s blood and body fluid.

If the pulse is not smooth, the urinary and reproductive system will have problems, such as irregular menstruation, impotence, kidney qi, pelvic mass and so on.

Frequently pat the abdomen of the abdomen, can stimulate the secretion of human sex hormones, regulate the body’s yin, and thus delay aging.

Pat the abdomen, it is good for liver and gallbladder disease, urinary and reproductive system, digestive system, nervous system, ophthalmology and so on.

Some people always consciously go to the waist when they have a backache. In fact, the back pain is probably caused by the poor circulation of blood and blood in the liver. Sticking to the abdomen can improve and cure the symptoms of back pain.

(4) One hand on the palm of the hand to force the fist, one hand open, with the palm of the hand, can strengthen the strength of the palm and bones, thereby strengthening the peripheral nerves of the hand to strengthen the body’s blood circulation.

When doing this, you should cooperate with your footsteps and walk or step by step to hold the boxing palm.

Now people go out to have a car, go upstairs to take the elevator, the chances of walking are getting less and less, their feet become weak, and the lack of gas on the feet of the six meridians will lead to the decline of function of the liver, gallbladder, spleen, stomach, kidney and bladder.

The human foot has the same number of reflex zones as the hand, and these reflex zones reach the whole body.

The blood in the foot reflex zone is blocked, and the corresponding viscera will cause disease.

If you walk while you are walking