Those private things that girlfriends can’t share

Those private things that girlfriends can’t share

Girlfriends should be close to each other, so many good girlfriends have declared, “Except boyfriend, everything can be shared”, is it really possible?

  In fact, no matter how close friends or family members are, some things cannot be shared, especially small items such as women’s cosmetics, certain ornaments, etc., shared with others is likely to bury health risks, or even spreaddisease.

Take a look, you should not share something with your girlfriend: cosmetics are not just lipstick, lip gloss, mascara, eyeliner and the like.

Although most cosmetics contain preservatives, they have a bactericidal effect. However, if the other person has infectious diseases such as hepatitis, ulcers, flu, red eye disease, it will become very dangerous together.

  In addition to cosmetics, the earrings are the most favorite among jewelry, jewelry, necklaces, bracelets, etc., but don’t exchange earrings easily unless they are disinfected.

Injury to the ear canal, or scratching when worn, can contaminate blood, which can spread various viruses.

  Nail tools Nail tools, such as nail clippers, files, etc., should not be shared with others. When repairing your nails, if you accidentally damage the skin and cause rupture, the shared tools will cause virus infection.

Nail arteries should be disinfected with alcohol before storage.

  Antiperspirants Spray type antiperspirants are of course not relevant, but do not use bead type antiperspirants. Bead type antiperspirants do not have bactericidal effect. If they are shared, they may bring bacteria and dust in sweat.
  Most people will find it strange that hats can be mixed with hats.

In fact, the right side may be infected with mites due to lifting of pillows, sheets, sofas, etc. If mixed, it may cause progressive spread and cause cross infection.

In addition, combs cannot be mixed.

  Headphones Headphones continue to be used, it is easy to be contaminated with various bacteria, even if you use it alone, you must pay attention to regular disinfection.

If you share the headset with others, it may cause the spread of bacteria.

  The wet soap at the bottom of the soap is actually a breeding ground for bacteria. If it is shared with people, it will cause cross-infection of bacteria between different users.

Soap, soap is suitable for someone.

  Toothbrushes and toothbrushes cannot be shared. Maybe everyone knows, but why not?

Germs will remain on the toothbrush. If they are shared, they will be transmitted through the mouth, especially when the gums are inflamed or the mouth is injured. This is the danger of sharing toothbrushes.

  Sharing a drinking glass or drinking a bottle of water can easily cause pharyngitis, flu, mumps, and even meningitis through saliva.

Therefore, the cups should be used separately. If you share the drink, you can pour into the respective cups to share.