Cool water world Tonglu Chongyun Tongtianhe

Cool water world Tonglu Chongyun Tongtianhe

The cool summer boat rides the cave. The Yunyun Tongtian River is located in Yaolin Town, Tonglu County, Zhejiang Province. It faces the Tianmu River in the Yaolin Wonderland and is 88 kilometers away from Hangzhou.

  Summer tour Chongyun Tongtianhe, feeling cool and incomparable.

The poet Yang Hongshi of the Ming Dynasty said: “Summer summer is forgetting the summer, but the winter tour is like spring. Although the source is a faction, it is only innocent.

The Chongyun Tongtian River is a natural crack formed by a stream that flows up and down. It roams in the middle of it.

Entering the cave, sitting on a special wooden boat, it slowly dragged into the Tongtian River, and a cold air rushed to the face. Although it was hot in summer, the whole body was sweating and the real “cool world”.

Through the psychedelic lights in the cave, but see the different shapes of stalactites hanging upside down, such as horns, like bamboo shoots. More interesting is the boulder attached to the wall after years of weathering, sketching a realistic pattern, and someLike Kuang Peng’s wings, some of them are like a smile, and every piece is like a masterpiece of Tiancheng. It is amazing.

  The river bends, wide and narrow; the water is clear, and the stone on both sides shines under the illumination of colored lights, which is doubtful in the wonderland.

From time to time, there are drops of water dripping into the stream. In the quiet and tortuous hole, the sound is like a jade bead, which is clearly audible.

All the way forward, flickering, the lights reflected in the ripples of water, and the misty mist in the hole, make people want to be drunk.

The strangeness of the clouds in the sky is that there is a river in the cave and a scene in the river.

Swinging a leafy boat, watching the scenery all the way, enjoy the coolness of the hole.

The boat passed the curtain to listen to the government, the rainforest, the first line of the sky, the river gradually narrowed, the boat slowly marched in the twists and turns of the hole, to the intersection with another stream, the magical place: how to transition from this river to another river

I saw that our cruise ship and another cruise ship lined up side by side, and a conveyor belt connecting the two rivers slammed into the past. The roaring water flow and motor sounds let visitors experience other thrills and excitement.

At the end of the river, suddenly it was bright, and I saw a big hole in the mountain above my head and went straight to the sky. Only then did I know what it means to be “Don’t have a hole in the sky.”

Looking up, the clouds hang down and seem to be within reach.

  [Travel Tips]Individuals, starting from Shanghai: Take the direct bus to Tonglu at the Hengfeng Road Bus Terminal, take the No. 1 bus to Tonglu Town, and then hit the scenic spot; or take the tourist transportation to the scenic spot.

Self-driving, Shanghai-Hangzhou Expressway – Hangxinjing Expressway – Tonglu exit – Fuchunjiang Second Bridge – Chuiyuntong Tianhe.