How to treat an old man who is angry with his temper

How to treat an old man who is angry with his temper

It is really distressing and regrettable that a person has a temper tantrum.

Losing your temper is easy to make people lose their senses. Sometimes they even surpass their relatives and friends to become a family. For those elderly people who are old, the temper is harmful to the body.

Some elderly people always love to lose their temper. The reasons for this are mainly the following: First, the mind is relatively narrow.

This kind of old man likes to care about everything. Others have slightly violated him. If he stepped on his foot inadvertently or accidentally brought dirty water to him, he would not forgive him. He would have to lose his temper and even yell.

Some are too harsh on others, and if they do not achieve their goals, they will get angry.

  Second, vanity is too strong.

Some elderly people often use the “elderly”, “old” and “coming people” to live in their own lives. They must maintain their dignity and authority everywhere. Once someone offends him and hurts his face, he will start a fire.The temper comes.

  The third is personality variability.

The elderly often lose their temper, which is actually a reflection of psychological aging and personality variability.

When these elderly people enter the old age, their social skills gradually weaken, their self-enclosure is enhanced, they feel stubborn, they are irritable, and their mood changes greatly.

  Fourth, the symptoms of the disease.

Some old people have a bad temper and may be related to a certain disease.

For example, patients with liver disease, smoldering fire, irritability, usually easy to lose temper.

  Older people often lose their temper, which will cast a shadow over family life and interpersonal relationships, so be sure to try to implant corrections or hope that you have the right medicine.

In fact, a person’s personality and temper can be changed and prevented through his own psychological adjustment and self-control.

wish you health!