How does the performance of emphysema need daily care?

How does the performance of emphysema need daily care?

Experts say that emphysema is not a disease, it is also a pathological diagnosis. Folks also known as emphysema is called a smoker’s disease. It is a kind of excessive inflation of the lungs, including bronchi, alveolar duct, alveolar sac and alveolar excessive expansion or destruction.The pathological state, according to the World Health Organization adjustment, shows that the respiratory system is a highly dangerous and recurring disease. If it is not treated, it will present progressive development, which will lead to respiratory failure and even life-threatening.

So what is the performance of emphysema?

How to care every day.

Emphysema manifestations 1, emphysema is slowly occurring, early asymptomatic, or only cough, sputum, after development, can feel difficulty breathing after exercise, shortness of breath.

2, continue to develop is gradually unable to do anything, difficult to do daily work.

With severe aggravation, the patient also feels difficulty breathing during rest, some lips and fingernails, and the toenails are purple, medically known as purpura.

In winter, there are chills, fever, purulent sputum, loss of appetite, general malaise and upper abdominal fullness.

3, the time is long, the anteroposterior diameter of the thorax becomes larger, and the intercostal space is widened in a barrel shape, also called a barrel chest.

When the infection is secondary, chest tightness, shortness of breath, cyanosis, headache, lethargy, and mental illness are symptoms of respiratory failure.

4, when the emphysema is aggravated, the barrel chest is formed, the breathing movement is weakened, the exhalation is prolonged, the speech vibrato is weakened or disappeared, the percussion is over-voiced, the heart-cloudy tone is reduced or disappeared, the liver dullness is declining, the heart sound is far away, and the breath sound is weakened.There is a wet voice in the lungs.

Daily care of emphysema 1. Give a sitting or a semi-sitting position to facilitate breathing.

2, encourage patients to cough, guide patients to correct cough, and promote sputum excretion.

When sputum is not easy to c-cure, follow the doctor’s advice to use sputum or ultrasonic atomization to inhale, if necessary, suck.

3, rational use of oxygen, low-flow oxygen, flow rate 1-2L / min, humidification before inhalation.

4, according to the doctor’s advice to give anti-inflammatory treatment, effective control of respiratory infections.

5, drink more water, give high calorie, high protein, high vitamin liquid, semi-flow, soft food, a small amount of meals, eat less gas-producing food, prevent gas production from affecting diaphragmatic movement.

6, the nurse should listen to the patient’s narrative, to ease their psychological pressure, if necessary, please consult a psychiatrist for diagnosis and treatment.

7, according to the doctor’s advice to use the BIPAP ventilator regularly, the nursing see its routine.

For emphysema, we have summarized the knowledge of the disease from the related aspects of the disease, but patients with emphysema need to stay away from some bad habits, such as patients with emphysema.Should quit smoking, the overall should also pay attention to exercise, exercise, increase the body’s resistance, so that we will be relieved of the patient’s condition after the disease.