The most suitable slimming exercise for girls

The most suitable slimming exercise for girls

Nowadays, people are beginning to pay attention to health.

And health, naturally, there is no shortage of exercise.

Xiaobian and everyone to see what sports are best for girls?


hzh {display: none; }  运动方案一:滑冰  大大小小的滚轴冰场、真冰场也开了不少家,你去过了吗?In the summer, you can go rollerblading. In winter, it is a good time to slide the ice. Skating is very helpful for the coordination of exercise.

  Suitable for the crowd: There is no age limit, but it is recommended that you learn as soon as possible, if you don’t have one yet.

  Sports equipment: sportswear (if you are a novice, don’t wear a skirt), skates.

  Exercise effect: It helps to exercise the coordination ability of the body. On the body side, it can make your leg muscles stronger and more elastic.

At the same time, skating is a high-volume exercise that will increase your lung capacity.

  姨 Burning value: 420 calories per hour.

  Sports evaluation: So exercise in rehabilitation, hurry up!

  Exercise 2: Bicycle This is a sport we are familiar with. It effectively combines fitness with our daily life. With it, it does not take up extra time.

  Suitable for the crowd: Anyone, unless you are an ordinary person or an athlete, no matter your age.

  Sports equipment: baseball bike, if you are not an athlete, such as an ordinary bicycle.

  Sports costs: You don’t need any extra cost except for the normal maintenance of your bike.

  Exercise effect: This is the most easily absorbed exercise, it can exercise your leg joints and thigh muscles, and it is also effective for the joints of the ankle joints and joint joints.

At the same time, it also helps your blood circulation system.

  姨 Burning value: 240 calories per hour.

  Sports evaluation: The most beneficial sports program, the closest to nature and the most economical.

  Exercise plan 3: Jogging/walking No sport is more popular than jogging and walking. It doesn’t require much investment, but it can make a lot of money. The Americans even created a new vocabulary called “WOGGING”.From the synthesis of the words jogging and walking, it means combining jogging with walking to reflect the inseparability of the movement.

  Suitable for the crowd: suitable for all people, if you love sports or love to lose weight, it is best to choose to run; if you do not have time, I suggest you put the morning exercise on the way to work, it is best to walk without driving.

  Sports equipment: sportswear and running shoes.

  Sports cost: None; if you are not very picky, the asphalt road can be your playground.

  Exercise effect: It has great benefits for the heart and blood circulation system. Keeping exercise for a certain period of time every day (more than 30 minutes) will help to lose weight. The best way is to run away.

  姨 Burning value: jogging: 420 calories per hour; walking: 240 calories per hour.

  Sports evaluation: low investment, high income, but expensive.

  Exercise Plan 4: Golf Golf has always been considered a gentleman’s sport. In fact, it is also suitable for women. The beautiful venue environment and moderate amount of exercise make your physiology work.

  Suitable for the crowd: from 8 to 80 years old, but it is easier to ignore patience and flexible people, but it can also turn you into a patient and flexible person.

  Sports equipment: sportswear, golf shoes and gloves, a bat.

  Sports effect: This sport is closely combined with walking. In an 18-hole course, you will walk 6-8 kilometers; the swing action will help your body compress; as much as possible, beautifulThe course pays more attention to your mood.

  Adult burning value: about 270 calories per hour, the time of one round is about 3 hours, so you can burn off 810 calories.

  Exercise evaluation: a sports program that benefits from both physiology, but the intake is relatively large.

  Exercise Plan 5: Riding horse riding seems to be a little far away from us. It is a kind of chic to be able to drive horses and gallops, but in any case, horse riding is a fashion and a trend.

  Suitable for the crowd: women under the age of 40, because this sport is dangerous.

  Sports equipment: riding (also can be a general sportswear), horses (preferably bundled with spiritual, accessible horses), hats.

  Exercise effect: You can exercise your agility and coordination, and you can exercise your whole body muscles, especially the leg muscles.

  姨 Burning value: 240 calories per hour.Exercise evaluation: Close to the natural way of exercise, so that your physiology is happy.

  Exercise 6: Volleyball When our women’s volleyball team won five consecutive championships, we are still not big, but it has made many of us fascinated by this sport. Volleyball makes our minds more flexible. It is a kind ofArt, its charm is that it requires collective effort.

  Suitable for the crowd: people under the age of 35, after all, its exercise intensity is very large.

  Sports equipment: sportswear, sports shoes.

  Exercise effect: Actually, the longer you are, so it is recommended that you join this exercise as soon as possible, especially for the muscles of the arms and abdominal muscles. At the same time, it is also very helpful for your sensitivity.

  姨 Burning value: 180 calories per hour.

  Sports evaluation: Make your collaboration more powerful!