Stains on the skin of the elderly

Stains on the skin of the elderly

When people are old, because of skin aging or certain diseases, the skin often has white, black, brown, yellow, red or purple spots.

These spots, some are health-friendly, do not require treatment, and some may have malignant tumors.

Several common skin spots for the elderly and their implantation methods are introduced as follows: senile hemangioma.

Also known as gemstones, it is a serious disease of the skin, which increases with age. It occurs mostly in the main axis and the proximal extremities. It begins with a cherry red maculopapular rash, which gradually develops into a mung bean with a smooth surface, soft texture and no pain.Itching is generally unobstructed and does not require treatment.

  Senile freckles.

The onset is related to skin aging, sun exposure, etc. It is often found in the back of the hand, forearm and other exposed parts of the middle and old aged people, increasing with age, showing mung bean to almond brown or black spots, slightly high leather surface, smooth surface, no painIt does not itch, does not hinder health, but should avoid sun exposure.

  Senile leukoplakia.

Also known as senile white spot disease, it is a manifestation of skin aging. It is common in the trunk and limbs. It is a large white porcelain spot from mung bean to soybean. The boundary is clear, slightly sunken, no itching, and no hindrance to health.

  Old age.

Also known as seborrheic keratosis, a benign crack-like hyperplasia of the epidermis, multiple hand backs, denominations and main shafts, etc., from needle cap to soy bean size or size, light brown to dark brown or even black, slightly higher than the skinThe face is also papillary, and the surface is often accompanied by oily scales. It is soft, painless and itchy, and does not hinder health.

However, if the diabetes rash rapidly expands in 6 months, and it is accompanied by obvious pruritus, it may also have the possibility of complicated malignant consequences. It should be promptly went to the hospital for treatment.

  Old age keratosis.

Also known as solar keratosis, the incidence is related to long-term sun exposure, mostly on the face, bald hair at the top of the head or the back of the hand and other exposed parts, manifested as large soybeans to broad beans, isolated pimples or bulging nodules, rough surface.

Hard texture, covered with black or dark brown suede, not easy to peel off, peeling easily and bleeding.

The disease is one of the precancerous lesions, which can develop into squamous cell carcinoma and should be treated early.

Once the surrounding area is red, the base is enlarged or ruptured, and it is often a sign of malignant transformation. It should be diagnosed immediately.

  睑 yellow tumor.

For lipid deposition in the eyelids, often occurs in middle age, mostly female.

Initially one or several light yellow dots, gradually enlarged, blended, and bulged to form a soft lemon-colored plaque with a smooth surface and no pain.

It develops slowly and is rarely cured, but it does not hinder health.

If accompanied by hyperlipoproteinemia, etc. should be treated.