Do not blindly eat diet pills

Do not blindly eat diet pills

At present, there are many kinds of diet pills sold on the market, and there are many people taking diet pills.

It is a three-point drug, although the weight-loss effect of diet pills is significant, but eating diet pills is also harmful.

Lose weight should not be blind, the harm of these diet pills should be remembered.

Let’s take a look at the harm of diet pills!

  Heart palpitations, palpitation, dizziness, these are the symptoms that can occur after taking a diet pills containing ephedrine.

Although this type of diet pills can enhance the decomposition of body fat and the consumption of conversion, it has a higher potential danger.

  Insomnia, many people will have obvious happiness after eating diet pills. Some people who sleep as a major event in life become very excited at night, like taking medicine.

This is mostly due to the presence of amphetamines in diet pills, which can cause symptoms such as fantasies, mood swings, and sleep disorders.

Long-term use of this class of diet pills, there will be symptoms like drug addiction, addictive, difficult to quit.

Once forced quit, there will be fear, degeneration, fatigue, lethargy, binge drinking and other manifestations.

  Anorexia has taken diet pills, dizziness, lethargy, anorexia, and most of the diet pills contain fenfen.

What is fenfen?

Fenfen is an appetite suppressant. Its main ingredient is fenfluramine, which is an international ban.

If you take long-term weight loss drugs containing this type of ingredients, there will be problems such as heart valve damage and lung hypertension.

  Sleepiness has said insomnia, but sleepiness is more terrible than insomnia.

When taking a diet pill containing PPA, the loser will have symptoms of drowsiness, and feel that there is no strength in doing anything. At the same time, the person taking the drug will have obvious symptoms of urinary tract.

PPA ingredients can make dieters have a disgusted desire for food, and long-term use of PPA-containing diet pills can cause a female stroke.

  Vomiting diarrhea diet pills commonly used tricks, let the patients take the vomiting and diarrhea to achieve the purpose of weight loss.

Abuse of laxatives, diet pills, pain is very uncomfortable, when the drug begins to appear medicinal, you need to spend the rest of the time in the toilet.

Regardless of the preservative of which ingredient, once taken improperly, mild abdominal pain, nausea, severe symptoms of irregular menstruation, upset, dehydration and other systemic symptoms.

  You can’t think that it is because the holiday is coming.

In fact, the ingredients of the sugar lozenge that cause abdominal pain are mainly to lower the blood sugar lowering. After taking the weight, the liver enzyme will increase and damage the insulin.

  Low blood pressure diet pills containing diuretics can increase the number of urination in women, the body is weak, and symptoms of hypotension occur.

This type of diet pills mainly relies on the body’s moisture, and does not eliminate the body’s fat.