Seven tips for the elderly to grow their lives

Seven tips for the elderly to grow their lives

The elderly are a relatively special group. In daily life, we must pay attention to health care to achieve health and disease prevention and physical fitness.

Today, we recommend to the majority of middle-aged and elderly people the seven key tips for raising their longevity. I hope that you must pay attention to your health.

  Bao: Keep your brain alive.

The use of the retreat, so the elderly should use more brains, such as insisting on reading newspapers, drawing chess, and cultivating hobbies in all aspects.

Studies have shown that a 65-year-old man who often uses his brain is no worse than a 35-year-old who does not love brains.

  Turn: converts sports of different natures.

After shortening the time of monotonous work or reading, after writing, you should promptly switch to other activities of different natures, so that the brain nerves are relaxed without excessive fatigue, so that the brain power is kept at an optimal state.

  Live: refers to the active finger, as the saying goes, the mind is smart.

Frequent activities of the fingers, doing two hands alternating exercise and turning the fitness ball can stimulate the two hemispheres of the brain, have brain and brain puzzle, and delay the function of brain aging.

  Participation: Participate in social activities and sports activities.

Make new friends, to accept the infection of youthful vitality, often maintain a happy mood, and get rid of the lonely living environment.

  Listen: Listen to beautiful songs.

Beautiful melodies can adjust the function of the central nervous system, giving people a feeling of joy and joy.

  Tune: adjust the diet.

To achieve coarse and fine grain size, savory mix, eclectic mix, eat more vitamins and mineral rich red dates, milk, soy milk, egg yolk, mulberry, mustard, sesame, walnut, lily, pig brain, pig heart, black fungus and most vegetablesFruit; eat less animal waste and sugary foods.

  Sleep: Sleep well and ensure adequate sleep.

Older people should learn to live regularly, arrange regular work schedules, and ensure 8 hours of sleep per day.