[Food for improving sexual function]

[Food for improving sexual function]

Sexual function is the key to the happy life of a couple, so its value is very important.

Generally, the best way to improve or improve its effect is through diet.

The fact that different diets bring us improved sexual function is different.

Therefore, it is very important to grasp the problem that these foods can help improve sexual function, because this sexual function is related to the quality of life and the harmony of the relationship.

Sexual function is possessed by both men and women. The difference is that everyone’s physical condition will affect this situation.

Some people’s sexual function is relatively weak, then at this time, they will think of ways to solve such problems, if not, it will affect the relationship between husband and wife.

So what are the foods that improve sexual function?

1. Cereals: Sesame, previous rice, jack bean, broad bean, cowpea, pea, rice oil, millet, buckwheat, soybean, black soybean, fenugreek, etc.

2. Meat: ham, beef bone, beef kidney, mustang penis, chicken, lamb bone, lamb, chicken liver, chicken liver, chicken gold, dog meat, sparrow meat, duck meat, stone swallow meat, pigeon meat, venison, Deer fetus, deer blood, deer pith, antlers, deer whip, deer tail, elk meat, elk horns, etc.

3, aquatic products: sea bass, black mullet, carp, yellow croaker, shrimp, mandarin meat, turtle meat, toad, oyster, loach, seahorse, sea cucumber, eel, black fish, catfish, bonito, money fish, catfish, loach, Yellow mullet, catfish, goby, jellyfish, squid, fish maw, mussel, abalone, wakame, etc.

4. Insects, snails, ants, pupae, nine worms, dragon lice, male protozoa moths, silkworm pupae, insects, dragon snakes, etc.

5. Fruit categories: grape, ume, longan, lychee, cherry, pomegranate, mulberry, jujube, jujube, ginkgo, walnut kernel, chestnut, lotus seed, lotus hair, lotus seed heart, medlar, schisandra, raspberry,Jin Yingzi and so on.

6, vegetables and spices: yam, yam potato, tomato, leek, chives, cabbage, rapeseed, Wujiapi, toon head, carrot, taro, cinnamon, pepper, cloves, star anise, anise, pepper, onion, garlicWait.
7, fungi: white fungus, stone clothes, stone flowers, Cordyceps and so on.

8. Others: pollen, honey, tea, coffee, human milk, goat milk, placenta, bird’s nest, royal jelly, etc.

The above introduced that some foods can effectively improve sexual function. According to the needs of different people, you can choose different foods to improve sexual function, but it is just just the food mentioned above. Generally speaking,It is better not to eat harmful foods, because it will affect sexual function.

Therefore, only by grasping the diet can we manage the condition well.