How to better compensate for myocardial infarction

How to better compensate for myocardial infarction

Myocardial infarction should take different treatments for different causes. Some patients need to perform bypass surgery. Some patients need further observation to determine the treatment plan. The food supplement method also helps the myocardial infarction. Then we can understand how the myocardial infarction is supplemented.Better.

How to compensate for myocardial infarction is better, 1, bean curd porridge material: 500m1 of soy milk juice, 50g of rice, sugar or fine salt.

Practice: The soy milk juice, the previous rice with eight sand pot to cook until the porridge thick, with the surface of porridge oil for the degree, add sugar or fine salt can be eaten.

Warm breakfast every morning and evening.

Indications: Myocardial infarction, arteriosclerosis, slightly higher blood lipids.

2, Chongfu Sanqishui Sanqi has the effect of dilating blood stasis, promoting blood circulation and blood circulation, and is known as the “vascular scavenger”, which is the nemesis of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

It can effectively remove the sediment in the blood, reduce the viscosity of the blood, and take appropriate amount to promote softening, dilate blood vessels, and protect blood health.

The mixture of Panax notoginseng powder and American ginseng powder can be mixed in equal amounts, and 3-5g can be washed daily with warm water.

3, fish fragrant eggplant materials: eggplant, duck breast, bracken, cooking wine, bean paste, onion ginger garlic, soy sauce, sugar, vinegar, starch, red wine and so on.

Practice: cut the eggplant, cut the breast of the duck breast, cut the bracken water; cut the eggplant and duck breast into the pot and stir-fry; add the bean wine, the amount of bean paste; put the onion ginger garlic, soy sauce in the bowl,Mix sugar, vinegar and starch, mix well; add bracken in the pot, pour into the bowl, cook the red wine, and serve.

4, Huangqi Sanqi stewed rabbit meat material: 30 grams of astragalus, 10 grams of three seven tablets, 500 grams of rabbit meat.

Practice: Mix Huangqi, Sanqi, and pepper into the gauze bag for use; wash the rabbit meat and knead it into 8 square square pieces and put it in the basin. After soaking in water to the hemorrhagic water, remove and rinse with boiling water.Dry.

Put the pot on the fire, put the oil into the heat, add the rabbit meat, stir fry until the water is dry, stir into the rice wine, soy sauce, put in the medicine bag, add some water to boil, remove the floating foam, put the salt, sugar, cover the potReplace the cover with a simmer until the meat is rotten, remove the gauze bag, and concentrate the soup to a proper amount with a large fire.

The above several drug therapies, usually eat a little, can be effectively prevented by myocardial infarction in series, but it needs to be eaten according to the patient’s condition.